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Promoting self-sufficiency and personal responsibility for all Mississippians.


Meet our Team

John Davis was appointed to the position of Executive Director by Governor Phil Bryant in 2016. He has worked to implement the gen+ approach for delivering services which helps the family as a whole. We are serving hundreds of thousands of Mississippians in their quest for self-reliance being orchestrated by the dedicated staff and partners of MDHS agency in each of the 82 counties throughout the state.

JACOB BLACKDeputy Administrator of Programs
Jacob Black, Deputy Administrator of Programs. Jacob is from McCool, Mississippi. He attended Mississippi State University for his undergraduate degree and is a graduate of Mississippi School of Law. He has served in many capacities within the agency and quickly rose through the ranks beginning as a Child Support Attorney. He then served as General Counsel to the Executive Directors Office, Deputy Administrator of Administration and now is in his current role over the Programs.
CHIP BUTLERDeputy Administrator of Administration
Jerry “Chip” Butler, Deputy Administrator for Administration. Chip is no stranger to administrative duties. After a long and distinguished career as a leader in the United States military, he joined MDHS providing guidance as well as expertise in the reorganization of our Human Resources division. He will make sure all divisions get the support they need to deliver services to the best of their abilities.
DANA KIDDDeputy Administrator of Economic Assistance
Dana Kidd, Deputy Administrator of Economic Assistance. As such, Dana is the Director of SNAP and TANF. She has served in multiple capacities within the division including, Quality Control, County Director, Policy Director and Office Director of Economic Assistance. Dana has provided great leadership in the development of gen+ policy and will continue to work closely with Regional and County staff as well as directors of other divisions as we move toward our common goal of assisting children and families along the path to self-sufficiency.

The Mississippi Department of Human Services is dedicated to serving others while providing a wide range of public assistance programs, social services and support for children, low-income individuals and families. The agency seeks to empower families so they can become self-sufficient and responsible for their future success.

Work With Us

The Mississippi Department of Human Services offers current and prospective employees the opportunity to excel in a career where one can provide assistance to the state’s vulnerable population while meeting his or her personal goals and dreams. MDHS currently has positions available throughout the state. Those positions range from:

  • Accountants
  • Social Workers
  • Attorneys
  • Counselors
  • Teachers
  • Plus many more!

We are looking for vibrant, qualified individuals to join the MDHS team!

Visit Mississippi State Personnel Board website for all job postings.

The department also offers its employees a vast array of benefits, including but not limited to:

Benefits of working with us

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Olivia Y. Lawsuit

Olivia Y., et al. v. Barbour, et al.
(Civil Action No.3:04CV251LN)

Olivia Y. was filed in March 2004 in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi, Jackson, Division, against the Governor of Mississippi, the Executive Director of the Department of Human Services, and the Director of the MDHS, Division of Family and Children’s Services, all in their official capacities. This case alleged that Mississippi’s foster care system was failing to adequately protect children in its custody and provide necessary services in violation of their federal constitutional rights. This lawsuit sought only court-ordered changes in the system; money damages were never at issue.

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