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MDHS is all about renewal. Every day, we work to help Mississippians get what they need to renew their lives. This year, MDHS is inviting YOU to follow our journey as we continue working to renew Mississippi for the better.

Each month, MDHS will launch a different theme that relates to our journey of renewal and how our employees make positive change happen.


Everyone deserves a chance to start over, and the path to that fresh start is the heartbeat of MDHS. The Renew campaign will act as a banner reminding all Mississippians to confidently move forward and make our state stronger.

This month’s focus:

  • MDHS seeks to provide second chances, hope, and opportunities to people in need, regardless of their background.
  • MDHS employees are committed to making a difference and encouraging their clients that it’s never too late to start on the path to success.
  • MDHS offers avenues for renewal in job training, education, childcare, transportation, etc.

Check out what our dedicated employees have to say:

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Life happens. MDHS cares about people and is eager to respond whenever a need arises. With many different services, MDHS responds to families and individuals who need help in finding stability and personal renewal.

This month’s focus:

  • MDHS employees are compassionate, understanding, and eager to listen, respond, and act.
  • Because MDHS is devoted to responding and serving the people of Mississippi, lives are being changed for the better.
  • For MDHS and our employees, responding to the needs of others is a calling.

See for yourself, here:

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Respect is basic human decency and the standard for how MDHS operates and interacts with its clients.

This month’s focus:

  • MDHS practices self-respect as an organization and encourages our clients to maintain self-respect, as well.
  • MDHS pursues unity for Mississippi and upholds respect for all people, regardless of differences.
  • MDHS seeks to lead by example, displaying that, in response to hate and injustice, it is our duty to uplift and encourage our citizens.

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