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Information Sharing Sessions

DECCD is hosting bi-weekly information sharing sessions throughout the summer.  Information on dates, topics, and session Q&A can be found HERE.

CDC Guidance for Schools and Child Care Programs

The CDC has developed a toolkit to assist child care programs with any decisions regarding reopening.  Also, there is also valuable information on what to do if a child care remains open including cleaning and disinfecting, social distancing, screening children and staff, meal preparation and more!  Click HERE to view this toolkit.

CDC Print Resources click HERE

Click Download PDF file HERE   to view recommended practices that can help protect against the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Click Download PDF file HERE    to view recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) on “How to Handwash.”

CCAIR Training and Information

PLEASE NOTE: Current Providers Do Not Need to Become a CCAIR Temporary Emergency Site. If you are a current childcare provider that is licensed or registered with Mississippi State Department of Health, do not apply as a temporary emergency CCAIR Site because you are already allowed to operate as a child care facility. However, you are encouraged to become a CCAIR-Trained site.

To support currently operating licensed and registered childcare centers, CCAIR offers a set of guidelines and practices developed in partnership with the Mississippi State Department of Health, that can help safeguard against the spread of COVID-19.  Childcare centers that elect to become a CCAIR-trained site need only take the free, online CCAIR training module (which takes approximately 30 minutes) and follow the protocols laid out in the training, as well as the CCAIR Site manual.  To learn more about CCAIR and download the manual visit the CCAIR page at

Here are the steps to access the free, online CCAIR Orientation Training:

  1. Go to
  2. Login or create a new account. (Creating a new account will require a valid email.)
  3. Go to the “Dashboard” and click on “ECA-MECIC Early Education Training”
  4. Select the “CCAIR Orientation Training” course

Child Care Payment Program   

MDHS convened a Task Force to gather input on response planning in the wake of  the COVID-19 pandemic. Task Force meeting participants are made up of the heads of child care provider organizations and Director networks, representing providers across Mississippi. Participant information and minutes from Task Force meetings will be posted here, so please check back often for updates.  To provide input, submit questions, or pose suggestions for consideration by the group, please email the Task Force participant representing your area.

Download PDF file Task Force Participants  

Download PDF file June 10 Meeting Agenda with Minutes  

Booster Shot Payment

Funding Available to Child Care Providers

MDHS is releasing an application for financial assistance to providers who are open and providing care for children.  A one-time payment will be given to CCPP approved providers with active certificates as of August 1, 2020.  Amounts will be based on the type of care provided and the care capacity in the provider profile in CCPS as of August 1, 2020.  Care capacity is defined as the total number of children a provider is allowed to care for per MS State Department of Health.  Providers offering multiple shifts of care will receive double the rate for capacity. Providers offering ONLY part time care will receive half of the rate for capacity.

Eligible Providers: 

CCPP approved providers with active certificates as of August 1, 2020, both licensed and registered, who meet the conditions described below.  CCPP approved providers with 501(c)(3) status are eligible to apply.  

CARES Application Window: 

August-November 2020*

*Any eligible provider who is open during the application window may apply. 

Allowable Uses of Funding: 

These funds are issued to support providers in meeting the demands of responding to COVID-19.  The following is a list of allowable uses of this funding:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Staff salaries

Hazard pay for staff

Health and safety supplies

Food and food supplies for enrolled children

Replenishing classroom consumable supplies or furniture necessary to respond to COVID-19

Sanitization equipment


To apply for funding: click HERE. Recipients of this funding will need to maintain records of the application process as well as how funds were expended.

To view full details related to this funding opportunity, click Download PDF file HERE .

Booster Shot Reporting:

Recording of: Completing the Booster Shot Closeout Report Click Here

COMING SOON: Q&A for Completing the Booster Shot Closeout Report

Updates to Child Care Certificate Payment Policies

2/09/21 Update:

MDHS has received funding through the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CCRSA, 2021) to aid child care providers during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  As a result, subsidy certificates will continue to be paid based on enrollment rather than attendance through December 31, 2021.  Increased or Enhanced rates will also continue to be paid to providers until December 31, 2021.  In addition, MDHS will cover parent co-payments for March through December 2021.  NOTE: Parents are responsible for paying parent co-payments for the months of January and February 2021.

9/28/20 Update:

MDHS will continue to cover parent copayments for providers who are open and providing services to children through December 31, 2020.

8/27/20 Update:

The higher enhanced rates paid to providers that began July 1, 2020 will be continued through December 31, 2020.

07/01/20 Update:

MDHS notified child care providers of the following payment processes effective immediately:

  1. All child care subsidy certificates will be paid at the higher enhanced rate, beginning July 1, 2020 and continuing through September 30, 2020.  These rates are identified as Comprehensive and can be viewed Download PDF file HERE .  MDHS will notify providers of possible extension of these enhanced rates no later than September 1, 2020.  In order to receive the higher enhanced rate providers must have completed the CCAIR training for child care providers.  This training is free and available online HERE.
  2. All child care subsidy certificates will continue to be paid based on enrollment through the end of July 2020.  Beginning August 1, 2020 only centers that are open and serving children will be eligible for this payment.
  3. MDHS will continue to pay all family co-payments to providers through the end of July 2020.  Beginning August 1, 2020 only centers that are open and serving children will be eligible for this payment.
  4. Beginning August 1, 2020 only centers that are open and serving children are eligible for any payment for child care certificates.  Those centers that remain closed will not be eligible for any payments from MDHS until they re-open.  Providers should complete this FORM to notify MDHS of their reopening date in order to be eligible for payment of child care certificates.
  5. Providers who are operating, but have been temporarily closed by the Mississippi Department of Health, Bureau of Child Care Licensure due to COVID-19 related conditions will remain eligible for continuation of payment during the temporary closure.  In order to receive payment under this condition, providers should notify MDHS by completing this FORM.

COVID-19 Emergency Supply Request for Providers

5/5/20 Update:

On May 4, 2020 MDHS notified all Mississippi licensed and registered child care providers of an opportunity to request health and safety supplies at no cost. Protecting the health and safety of staff and children during this time can be difficult since health and cleaning supplies are in short supply. MDHS and the Early Childhood Academy have been hard at work building a supply of items for monitoring the health of staff and children as well as supplies for cleaning child care environments. Due to the scarcity of health and safety items, the quantity of supplies available through this offer is limited. Available supplies will be issued to open childcare providers at no cost on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to providers in counties with the highest number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 and temporary emergency CCAIR sites, while supplies last. The window to request supplies will be May 6 – 8, 2020. In order to be eligible to request supplies, providers must:

1. hold a license or registration with the Mississippi Department of Health Bureau of Child Care Licensure on or before May 11, 2020,

2. be open and providing child care services as of May 11, 2020,

3. complete the Childcare Crisis Assistance in Isolation Response Orientation Training, and

4. complete the online request form, including the upload of CCAIR orientation training certificate, between May 6-8, 2020.

A copy of the notice sent to child care providers can be viewed Download PDF file HERE .

Temporary Emergency Policies for COVID-19 Response

7/28/20 Update:

Effective August 1, 2020 temporary policies will be on-file with Secretary of State to strengthen emergency operations of the Child Care Payment Program.  These policies are effective through the emergency filing process. A copy of these policies may be viewed Download PDF file Here .

CCAIR Orientation Training for Current Childcare Providers

Please be sure to complete your free, online CCAlR orientation training at to be eligible to receive emergency certificates at your facility. Providers whether closed or open are encouraged to complete the CCAIR orientation training. Don’t forget to email your CCAIR training certificate to along with the name of your childcare facility so that we can update your provider profile to show it as CCAIR-Trained.

Letter of Support for Supplies

Executive Director Bob Anderson has written a letter that you may provide to suppliers and businesses to aid you in securing necessary supplies that stores may be rationing to customers during the COVID-19 crisis. ClickDownload PDF file  HERE  to download the letter.

Paying Certificates Based on Enrollment

Subsidy certificates will continue to be paid based on enrollment instead of attendance through the month of December 2020.


The full subsidy rate will be paid to childcare providers which will cover parent co-payments during the months of April through December 2020

Loss of Job or School Hours

Many parents are losing their jobs or are forced to reduce school hours due to the current crisis. If a parent fails to meet the school or work hour requirements to remain eligible for the Child Care Payment Program due to the COVID-19 crisis, your childcare certificate will not be terminated. We do require you to continue to seek employment and/or school enrollment. However, if the crisis continues past the three-month job/school search and you are not employed or enrolled in school as required by the program, your certificate will continue for 60 days after the Governor determines that employees may return to work or until the certificate is processed for redetermination, whichever comes first.

Waiving Two-Week Notice

Due to the emergency circumstances created by COVID-19, the two week notice period for parents to transfer to a different facility is waived and parents may transfer to another provider ONLY if they meet the two following requirements: 1) the certificate is being moved to a provider that is open and 2) the parent does not owe the current provider any fees or co-payments. Parents must also understand that if you transfer to another provider, you forfeit your spot at your current provider and your current provider is not required to save your spot at their center. (The normal process of requiring a two week notice remains in effect and no waiver of notice is permitted for certificates moving from an open provider to an open provider.)

Emergency Certificates

10/09/20 Update: 

Emergency certificates are no longer available.  All funds available for Emergency certificates at this time have been awarded.

8/06/20 Update:

MDHS has expanded the list of work conditions eligible to apply for temporary child care subsidy through an Emergency child care certificate.  Parents meeting one of the following work conditions may click HERE and select “Emergency (CCAIR) Parent Application” to apply.  If you have any questions or need assistance with your application, please call 1-800-877-7882.

An Emergency population is designated in order to address the need of emergency personnel during declared disaster and emergency conditions. In response to COVID-19, the following employment conditions are required for an emergency certificate:

  1. public safety and first responders
  2. law enforcement
  3. fire prevention and response
  4. emergency medical technicians (EMTs)
  5. 911 call center personnel
  6. Nurses, technicians, receptionists, food service employees, and sanitation service employees working in hospitals, clinics, and medical offices providing health treatment
  7. research and laboratory operations
  8. nursing homes
  9. residential health care facilities
  10. congregate care facilities
  11. assisted living facilities
  12. elder care
  13. medical wholesale and distribution
  14. home health workers and aides
  15. medical supply and equipment manufacturers and providers
  16. medical waste disposal
  17. hazardous waste disposal
  18. repair technicians providing in-home repair services
  19. social workers and mental health workers providing in-person services
  20. other ancillary healthcare services on a case by case basis
  21. employees with regular direct customer contact in the following job roles:
    1. teaching, food preparation, sanitation, and reception staff within child care facilities and schools
    2. cashiers, servers, meal delivery drivers, and bartenders within food service locations
    3. cashiers, and those responsible for bagging, filling, and delivering customer orders within grocery stores
    4. cashiers in retail stores, i.e. department stores, dollar stores, drug stores, and gas stations
    5. sanitation workers
    6. bank tellers and public service clerks (DMV, Department of Health, Tax Assessor, Court Clerks, County Clerks)
    7. staff in hair, nail, tanning salons, spas, and fitness clubs
    8. staff in veterinary offices,
    9. Health and City Inspectors conducting on-site inspections
    10. staff in hotels, motels

This population may expand or contract based on demand during the course of this medical and economic crisis. Providers serving children of parents from this priority population are at higher risk of COVID-19 exposure. Therefore, emergency certificates can only be used at CCAIR Emergency locations ensuring that CCAIR guidelines are used while serving these children. CCAIR Emergency locations include CCAlR-Trained providers or CCAIR temporary sites. You can find a CCAIR Emergency location by clicking HERE. Select CCAIR Emergency as the Provider Type.

3/19/20 Update:

All providers participating in the CCDF program will be paid for March 2020 based on the number of children enrolled regardless of attendance as long as the child attended at least one day in March. Payments for April 2020 will be based on enrollment regardless of attendance, meaning a child would not need to attend in April for a provider to be paid as long as the child is still enrolled. Payments will occur for March and April even if a provider chooses to temporarily close during these months.

Interactive Map: Mississippi COVID-19 Cases

Click HERE to view the map from the Mississippi State Department of Health.

Executive Orders Issued by Governor Tate Reeves                                                                                  

Click HERE to view the orders issued by Governor Reeves in response to the COVID-19 “Coronavirus” pandemic. Any and all executive orders related to COVID-19 will be posted to this page.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans Available to Child Care Providers

Click HERE to listen to the webinar recording about the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and other financial supports for early childhood programs.

Click Download PDF file HERE   to download information about the Payment Protection Program.

Child Care Licensure                                   

MDHS is in contact with the administration at the Mississippi State Department of Health.  As of now, the Health Department is not recommending closure of child care programs.  The Health Department is recommending that child care centers follow the same CDC guidelines included below. If at any time, Child Care Licensure does recommend closure, MDHS will notify providers as soon as possible.  Our office recommends keeping open communication with your licensing official regarding any decisions that the Health Department may make. If you decide to voluntarily close your center, please send an email to tell us you are closing at

U.S. Small Business Association                 

The US SBA is offering guidance on dealing with COVID-19 and maintains an economic disaster loan program for situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.  Click HERE to learn more.

Child Care Aware Guidance                        

Many child care providers have expressed concern on whether to stay open or close down during the COVID-19 crisis.  MDHS cannot mandate or recommend closure of child care programs, however Child Care Aware has produced a flowchart that can offer guidance to child care programs regarding possible closure.  Click HERE for the link to the flowchart.

Office of Child Nutrition – Mississippi Department of Education                                            

There are many schools that are offering meals to children during COVID-19 related closures.  For a list of the schools serving meals, a list of current school closures and more click HERE.

Please submit all request through our Service Request Form

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