Federal Office of USDA Food and Nutrition Service Mandates Early Issuance for SNAP Benefits

Early issuance of SNAP Benefits for February 2019 will be available by January 20, 2019.

For Immediate Release


Division of Economic Assistance


Jackson, Mississippi – Today, the Mississippi Department of Human Services, Division of Economic Assistance, announced the early issuance of February 2019 SNAP benefits.   Due to the partial government shutdown, February 2019 SNAP benefits will be available by January 20th. These benefits are not an extra payment or bonus and are intended to cover food purchases for February 2019. No additional SNAP benefits will be issued in February to households who received their February SNAP benefits on the early issuance date. Households who have submitted SNAP recertification applications that have not been processed or approved by January 15th will not receive the early issued SNAP benefits for February. There are limited funds that will be available after January 20th; however, MDHS will continue to process applications as they are received and SNAP benefits will be issued based on available federal funds. It is important to be prepared for the possibility that SNAP benefits may not be available for several months. MDHS also recommends purchasing non-perishable foods to sustain you through this period of uncertainty. Once SNAP benefits are issued they are accessible for up to 365 days.

The Division of Economic Assistance is communicating the early issuance of February 2019 SNAP benefits through our MDHS website, MDHS Facebook, MDHS Twitter, MDHS Instagram accounts and the local media outlets. Information is also available at your local MDHS office.