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Each year, a portion of the Child Care and Development Fund is set aside to provide financial assistance in the form of vouchers for low-income families to afford quality child care services. In Mississippi, these set-aside funds are distributed through the Child Care Payment Program (CCPP). CCPP is administered by the Division for Early Childhood Care and Development (DECCD) at the Mississippi Department of Human Services. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about CCPP, including how to become a CCPP-approved provider, your rights and responsibilities as a participant in the program, and all of the forms and contact information you may need throughout the application and approval process.

Download PDF file   Child Care Payment Program Policy Manual 

  Child Care Payment Program eLedger

  DECCD Service Request Form

On February 9, 2018 Congress passed and the President signed a two-year budget deal, under which an additional $5.8 billion in discretionary funding will be provided over two years for the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG). Download PDF file Click here for more information 

What is the Child Care Payment Program (CCPP)?

CCPP is designed to provide child care tuition assistance to parents and guardians. Participants must meet certain income and work requirements to be determined eligible for child care assistance. Child care providers may opt-in to serve these eligible families. There is an application and approval process (described below) for providers to complete prior to serving CCPP families and receiving payment through the CCPP. Once approved, some providers are paid by DECCD prospectively to maintain a certain number of slots for CCPP-participating children. Most often, providers are reimbursed for the provision of care services each month to CCPP-participating children in their center. Families are assessed a rate of assistance based on family size and household income, and parents/guardians are assessed a co-payment due directly to their chosen child care provider each month. Parents also pay the remaining amount of child care tuition directly to the provider if the rate of assistance does not meet the full cost of care.

Why should I become a CCPP-approved provider?

Child care providers that participate in CCPP may see an increase in the number of families that can afford the child care services offered by their business. If you are operating your child care business in an area of the state with high unemployment and concentrated poverty, some local families may not be able to afford the cost of care without tuition assistance. Becoming a CCPP-approved provider opens your business up to families who have a voucher to spend at your center. CCPP-approved providers are held to a minimum level of safety and quality of care that is above and beyond licensing requirements. Becoming a CCPP-approved provider will professionalize your workforce and increase the quality of care you provide. CCPP-approved providers deliver child care services to the children in Mississippi who need quality early learning experiences the most. If you are not already serving low-income families, becoming a CCPP-approved provider will diversify the customers your business serves. A diverse learning environment will enrich the learning experiences of all children and better prepare them for school and work experiences later in life. Finally, becoming a CCPP-approved provider will stabilize the population of children your center serves, as the child’s eligibility for tuition assistance is granted for a full 12 months from the date of approval.

What types of child care businesses are eligible?

Licensed child care centers, family child care homes, and in-home child care providers are all eligible to become CCPP-approved providers. Parents may choose any type of child care while participating in this program as long as the provider has completed the application and approval process.

The following requirements for licensed child care centers apply:

  1. The child care center must be licensed by and in good standing with the Mississippi State Department of Health.

The following requirements for family child care homes and in-home providers apply:

  1. The owner/operator must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED);
  2. The owner/operator must provide evidence that they, other adults providing child care services in the home, and anyone residing in the home are current on required immunizations as documented by Download PDF file Form 121 Certificate of Immunization  issued by the Mississippi State Department of Health;
  3. The owner/operator must satisfactorily complete an inspection of the home by child care monitoring agents prior to approval for CCPP reimbursement;
  4. The owner/operator must agree to a Download PDF file background check  for themselves, other adults residing in the home, and any adult not residing in the home but providing child care services;
  5. The owner/operator must have a valid email address that is checked on a regular basis and have a working landline telephone or cell phone.

Okay, how do I apply?

  1. Begin an application by clicking one of the links below:
    Download PDF file Licensed Provider Application 
  2. Complete the application and send supporting documentation to DECCD. Send additional materials online via Service Request, through mail (P.O. Box 352, Jackson, MS, 39205) or by fax (601-359-4422). When this application is processed, you will receive a confirmation email with your Provider ID.
  3. Register for and attend a provider e-Ledger training webinar (online training) held on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 12:30 p.m. Applicants must register in advance and shall receive an email confirmation containing a code to access the online training webinar. Applicants who do not attend the entire session will not receive credit for attendance and will not be approved to participate in CCPP. The e-Ledger training covers the provider payment process, coding for child attendance, policies outlined in the current CCPP policy manual, and the process for recognizing and reporting child abuse and neglect.
  4. Renew your registration with MDHS annually. DECCD only pays CCPP-approved providers. The parent/guardian of children in your care is responsible for all payment prior to your effective date.

What else do I need to know?

It’s important for CCPP-approved providers and interested providers to understand the rules and regulations governing CCPP and the rights and responsibilities of participants. Please use the link above to download the CCPP Policy Manual. Review the manual before you seek approval, and store an electronic or hard copy for yourself to consult later if necessary. Use the links below to access the forms you may need to apply for approval and remain eligible to serve CCPP families.

Service Request Form

Please submit a DECCD Service Request for all of your Certificate Program Questions as well as for a faster way to submit documentation online. Use this Service Request for information on any of the following issues:

Additional Forms and Other Documents

Download PDF file W-9 Form 

W-9 Instructions

Download PDF file Electronic Provider Statement of Agreement 

Download PDF file Electronic Health Safety 

Download PDF file Form 121: Certificate of Immunization 

Description of Priority Populations (Coming Soon)

Income Eligibility Guidelines (Coming Soon)

Contact DECCD

Division of Early Childhood Care & Development
Mississippi Child Care Payment Program (CCPP)
Toll-Free: 800-877-7882
DECCD | PO Box 352 | Jackson, MS 39205
CCPP inquiries:

Please submit all request through our Service Request Form

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