Reporting Changes to Household Circumstances

Eligible SNAP households must report the following changes within 10 days of the date the household becomes aware of the change:

  • changes of more than $125 in the amount of gross earned income (such as wages, tips, bonuses, self-employment, etc.)
  • changes of more than $125 in the amount of gross unearned income (such as social security/railroad retirement, other disability, VA income, pensions, unemployment, child support, alimony, money received from other people, worker’s compensation, etc.);
  • a change in the source of income;
  • changes in household composition, such as any person(s) moving in or out of the household;
  • a change in residence and any resulting shelter cost (such as rent/mortgage and utilities) changes;
  • changes in court-ordered child support;
  • a change in liquid resources, such as cash, stocks, bonds, and bank accounts.

SNAP households receiving substantial gambling or lottery winnings of $4,250 or more must report this change within 10 days of receipt of the winnings.  Households receiving substantial gambling or lottery winnings are ineligible to receive SNAP.

If the household fails to report a required change and receives extra SNAP benefits, the value of these benefits will have to be repaid. The person could also be prosecuted for fraud.