MDHS is all about renewal. Every day, we work to help Mississippians get what they need to renew their lives. This year, MDHS is inviting YOU to follow our journey as we continue working to renew Mississippi for the better.

Each month, MDHS will launch a different theme that relates to our journey of renewal and how our employees make positive change happen.


Everyone deserves a chance to start over, and the path to that fresh start is the heartbeat of MDHS. The Renew campaign will act as a banner reminding all Mississippians to confidently move forward and make our state stronger.

This month’s focus:

  • MDHS seeks to provide second chances, hope, and opportunities to people in need, regardless of their background.
  • MDHS employees are committed to making a difference and encouraging their clients that it’s never too late to start on the path to success.
  • MDHS offers avenues for renewal in job training, education, childcare, transportation, etc.

Check out what our dedicated employees have to say:

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Life happens. MDHS cares about people and is eager to respond whenever a need arises. With many different services, MDHS responds to families and individuals who need help in finding stability and personal renewal.

This month’s focus:

  • MDHS employees are compassionate, understanding, and eager to listen, respond, and act.
  • Because MDHS is devoted to responding and serving the people of Mississippi, lives are being changed for the better.
  • For MDHS and our employees, responding to the needs of others is a calling.

See for yourself, here:

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Respect is basic human decency and the standard for how MDHS operates and interacts with its clients.

This month’s focus:

  • MDHS practices self-respect as an organization and encourages our clients to maintain self-respect, as well.
  • MDHS pursues unity for Mississippi and upholds respect for all people, regardless of differences.
  • MDHS seeks to lead by example, displaying that, in response to hate and injustice, it is our duty to uplift and encourage our citizens.

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The journey to renewal will inevitably bring challenges. However, it is the decision to persevere that will make the greatest difference. Relentless determination is the key to victory, no matter the difficulty.

This month’s focus:

  • Through the relentlessness of MDHS caseworkers, hope is given to those the rest of the world may have given up on.
  • MDHS employees are relentless in pursuing appropriate, available programs and services for clients.
  • Unyielding, unconditional, and dedicated are what MDHS aspires to be.


Sometimes, you just want to talk to someone who has “been there.” Many inside the MDHS offices have had personal experiences with poverty, financial instability, and lack of family support in the past, too. There is no judgment at MDHS, and we relate closely to the needs of our constituents.

This month’s focus:

  • MDHS employees are approachable, relatable, and empathetic.
  • No one should be afraid to contact MDHS. Inside the offices are real people who are eager to listen and provide help in whatever way possible.
  • MDHS relates to all who play a role in bettering Mississippi, whether client, partner, or supporter, and is eager to invite them to join our mission.


The desire to succeed must start from within. As a single spark has the potential to create a large fire, “reignite” symbolizes MDHS making small, yet positive changes that will ultimately create significant impacts in Mississippi.

This month’s focus:

  • MDHS is unified in its mission to empower all clients and affiliates.
  • MDHS is dedicated to uplifting individuals so that their own passions may be pursued, and their personal goals achieved.


All hope is NOT lost. No matter where you are in life, you still have the chance to reclaim hope…and take back your future. Wherever your struggle with stability is, inside MDHS are listening ears and eager hearts to serve you.

This month’s focus:

  • MDHS believes that every individual should have control of his or her own life, and if he or she does not, then MDHS will aid in reclaiming it.
  • MDHS is eager to serve and provide assistance for any Mississippian in desperate need of a fresh start.