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Meet Our Team

John Davis, Executive Director

John Davis was appointed to the position of Executive Director by Governor Phil Bryant in 2016. He has worked to implement the gen+ approach for delivering services which helps the family as a whole. We are serving hundreds of thousands of Mississippians in their quest for self-reliance being orchestrated by the dedicated staff and partners of MDHS agency in each of the 82 counties throughout the state.

Jacob Black, Deputy Executive Director of Programs

David Barton, Deputy Executive Director, Office of Inspector General

Mark Williamson, Director of Aging & Adult Services

Tina Ruffin, Director of Community Services

Lyndsy Irwin, Director of Child Support

Kristi McHale, Director of Early Childhood Care and Development

Larry Strebeck, Director of Economic Assistance

Sandra Giddy, Director of Workforce Development

Jim Maccarone, Director of Youth Services

Dana Kidd, Deputy Administrator of Economic Assistance