Jared South

A story of struggle.

I have to admit, I am in a pretty tough living situation. I have a trivial limitation to hygiene, food, and water utilities. I am currently enrolled in a government-funded program through EBT that is assisting me with employment opportunities, through which I acquire limited transportation, incentive pay cards, work skills training courses, a temporary paid internship, and SNAP benefits. At the moment, I am unemployed, without a car, a sufficient place of dwelling, a smartphone or any cash. I am pretty much the living definition of amble limitations.

I can’t say this is to anyone’s fault by my own. I put myself in this situation. I cannot, am not, and will not blame anyone else for this outcome. Through my times of struggle, I have witnessed and experienced some of the hardest, heart-breaking situations. Homeless, hungry, weathered, drug involvement, prostitution, job loss, theft and also death. Most of my friends and family are living in prison, pain or poverty. As of recent weeks, I’ve come to realize where I’m now at in life and how I got here. Since coming to MDHS and getting help from the training program, I have opened my eyes to a positive concrete possibility. I have set obtainable goals to help me get to my real passion as a certified pet trainer, and in due time, a veterinarian technician assistant.

It is still an honor to be alive, although it’s still a struggle to live. Thank you, everyone, for your involvement that has assisted me. If through all this, I have indeed acquired a line of advice to give, it would most certainly be,

If it’s not good, righteous, or worthy of grace, it’s not worth being a deciding part of your life. So make sure what you do, is also what you want to inform someone else about tomorrow night.”