Please join us as we extend best wishes and continued success to Executive Director John Davis, who is retiring after 28 years with MDHS. MDHS has benefited from his leadership and visionary approach. He has been an inspiration to many and will be greatly missed.


A note from Mr. John Davis:

The long July 4th weekend has given many of us an opportunity to spend time with family and friends.  If you are like me, it has ​provided a time for reflection.  It has also given me time to make life-changing decisions.  Specifically, I have chosen to take the next steps into the future outside of the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS).  My retirement will be effective July 31, 2019.

Many of you know my history with the agency.  I am blessed for having the opportunity to spend the last twenty-eight years within an organization that is about serving others.  I recognize the commitment and dedication of each of you to “go the extra mile” when ask to do the work of MDHS.  There are days when the seemingly impossible for those who seek our assistance is made possible by you and that is something you must not forget.  You are working in a mission field that provides challenges, joy and hope and I want you to know how extraordinary you are to the State of Mississippi.

As I look ahead, there are many wonderful things coming.  Our holistic gen+ Approach to assisting families has provided a great platform for the next level of excellence in human services.  The national recognition as well as the thousands of individuals and families being transitioned into independence and self-sufficiency is a testimony to your hard work.  I would ask that you support the next Executive Director just as you have me as the bright future comes into focus.

I have no words to express the gratitude for the loyalty and kindness you have shown me over these years.  Thank you does not seem adequate but, it is from my heart. You have been family to me and I will always be grateful for you giving me the opportunity to be a part of this great mission field.  I have served under many leaders and Governor Phil Bryant has been the greatest.  He knows the importance of MDHS and will continue to ensure it stays the course.  I now have the opportunity to focus on my family at home and pursue a position outside of state government.  The Lord has blessed me tremendously and I will count my time at MDHS as one of the greatest.

God Bless,