R&R at 750 will serve as a resource and idea center for child care centers

 (Jackson, Miss.) – The Mississippi Department of Human Services Division of Early Childhood Care and Development announced the opening of the flagship Resource and Referral center which will accompany a statewide network of R&R centers across Mississippi.

The MS Resource and Referral Network, provided by the Mississippi Department of Human Services, serves as a catalyst for improved outcomes for Mississippi families and children. The network provides robust resources in the area of early childhood for all of Mississippi.

“This Resource and Referral center will service as a training center and an idea center for child care providers,” Robert G. “Bob” Anderson, Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Human Services, said. “This new innovative center will help childcare providers in Jackson deliver superior services to caregivers & children in the Jackson Metro area & beyond.”

Through partnerships with Mississippi Community Colleges, and others, resource sites are uniquely situated to serve all counties in need.

“Mississippi’s children are precious, and we must help secure their future.  Families and child care providers devote themselves every day to this purpose.  Likewise, MDHS is devoted to serving Mississippi’s families and child care providers.  The Resource and Referral Network helps us achieve that goal.”

The MS Resource and Referral provides the following services:

  • Lending libraries that allow for age appropriate learning materials and resources for families, children, and practitioners to be checked out on a borrow basis.


  • Assistance to families and caregivers who are in search of high-quality childcare in an area and how to identify high quality services offered in a facility.


  • Technical assistance and professional development to childcare providers to enhance capacity of teachers for improved learning environments and outcomes for children.


  • Establishes partnerships with other entities to build a stronger network of support for children.


The network hosts 13 sites across the state supporting 72 counties, with two new sites opening soon. A graphic of current Resource and Referral centers can be found here.


To learn more about the Mississippi Resource and Referral network you can also visit https://www.facebook.com/MSResourceReferral/.