MDHS issues Request For Proposals (RFP) to award up to $36 million in TANF services across Mississippi

(Jackson, Miss.) – As part of its ongoing commitment to helping Mississippi families move from a state of crisis to a state of self-sufficiency, the Mississippi Department of Human Services is requesting proposals from organizations best positioned to provide services in low income, at-risk areas of the state.

The agency will primarily invest Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) block grant dollars, in concert with public and private partners to fund the programs outlined in the RFP.

“These programs are further examples of our commitment to providing families in their greatest time of need with a greater chance to succeed,” said MDHS Executive Director Bob Anderson. “We will continually look for ways to efficiently use resources available to assist children and families in need pursue happy and productive lives.”

The RFP will provide services in the following areas:

· Afterschool Program Activities

MDHS is soliciting non-profit organizations and non-federal entities (i.e., state government; local school districts) to implement a program for age appropriate services, in multiple locations, with a priority given to entities that target children and youth attending high poverty/low performing schools and/or at-risk (see above definition of at-risk youth) youth attending schools in high poverty areas where high juvenile justice referrals take place. Programs will service the target populations during non-school hours or periods when school is not in session such as afterschool and summer recess. Programs should give preference to those that receive MDHS services.

· Parenthood Initiative

MDHS is soliciting non-profit organizations and non-federal entities (i.e., state government; local school districts), in multiple locations, to provide and coordinate a wide spectrum of parent-focused programs to support the formation and maintenance of two-

parent families that improve family stability and functioning. Services provided should support overall goals of safety, permanency, and well-being for children and families.

The purpose of the Parenthood Initiative is to train, educate, encourage, and assist parents in becoming knowledgeable and assuming responsibility for the nurturing, financial, growth and developmental needs of their children. In addition, the Parenthood initiative should strive to demonstrate the ability to collaborate with other service providers and community stake holders to increase support for and accountability to the families.

· Workforce Training and Education Programs

MDHS is soliciting non-profit organizations and non-federal entities (i.e., state government; local school districts), in multiple locations, with successful experience providing education and workforce training programs that target youth ages 16 to 24 and adults age 18 – 59 who are not in high school and are unemployed or underemployed with household income up to 200% of the annually published federal poverty guidelines. Programs offered should help stabilize the family by providing opportunities for program participants to engage in adult education, career and technical education and workforce training programs that align with the sector strategies identified by the Local Workforce Development Boards and addresses the skills gap identified in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Combined State Plan.

Upon award, Subgrantees will be required to prepare and submit demographic and outcome reports designed by MDHS. Subgrantees shall submit these reports by a MDHS designated due date (no more than monthly; no less than quarterly). Evaluation and outcome reports are an integral element of the program’s ongoing planning, design, and implementation. An effective report that evaluates specific targets enables the subgrantee to make informed decisions about changes that the program may need.

For more information on the request for proposals, go to the Mississippi Department of Human Services website at


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