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P-EBT Call Center Closure

The Mississippi P-EBT Call Center closed on April 28. The Mississippi Department of Education and the Mississippi Department of Human Services will continue to work to resolve previously reported issues with 2021-22 P-EBT over the summer months.

Frequently Asked Questions


You have reported an issue through the P-EBT call center, but you haven’t heard anything. How can I check on the status?

MDE, MDHS, and district staff are not able to provide individual status updates at this time. Staff are reviewing remaining reported case issues and if the agencies are able to approve the P-EBT address or eligibility review request, the parent will receive a P-EBT card in the mail.

Why hasn’t my address update request been verified?

MDE and MDHS are using the best available data to verify reported addresses. When the reported child name, parent name, child date of birth or MSIS number conflicts with information on file, the case requires additional review. If the reported information can be verified after review, the address will be updated and a new P-EBT card will be mailed.

How can parents or districts report issues that were not reported to the call center?

MDE, MDHS, and school districts are unable to accept additional 2021-22 P-EBT issue reports at this point. The agencies are focused on reviewing and resolving issues that were reported as of April 28.

When will the remaining 2021-22 P-EBT issues be resolved?

MDE and MDHS will work to review and resolve remaining issues as quickly as possible. We anticipate working to resolve these issues throughout Summer 2023.

Who should I call if I still have issues?

MDE, MDHS, and school district staff are not accepting additional reported issues at this time and are not able to provide individual updates. Staff members are focused on reviewing and resolving remaining issues. School districts are not able to submit additional issues to the state.


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News and Updates

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