Child Support Modification

The child support amount doesn’t automatically change. The child support amount is part of a court order, so changes to the amount must be done by a court order.

Both the parents will be notified of their right to request a review every three years from the date the order was entered or modified by the court; however, either parent may request a review of their case at any time should circumstances warrant.

The reviews conducted on the three-year review cycle do not require proof of a substantial change of circumstances before a court may modify the child support order. Reviews conducted inside the three-year review cycle require proof of a substantial change in circumstances.

To request a review, parents should complete and submit the appropriate form:

The support amount is based on the income of the parent paying support and other factors. The Child Support Guidelines are used to calculate the support amount.

When the review is complete, each parent will receive notice of the results and have an opportunity to agree or disagree with the results. A court must approve the final order.