Division of Youth Services

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Helping families of at-risk or delinquent youth.

What We Do

The Division of Youth Services (DYS) administers probation, aftercare services and institutional programs for youth who have been adjudicated delinquent in Mississippi Youth Courts or are at risk of becoming delinquent.

Community Services & Programs

Social Science research highlights the effectiveness of youth remaining in their local community leading to positive outcomes of future behavior. These services help decrease crime and produce productive citizens. Probation and After Care Services in all 82 counties.

Division of Youth Services, Social Services Specialists provide:

  • Initial Pre-Court Assessment
  • Case Management
  • Individual, Group and Family Counseling
  • Linkage and Referral Services

Probation and After Care Services

The primary goals of Probation and Aftercare Services are to:

  • Provide probation and monitoring services that address the needs of youth.
  • Foster community-based programs aimed at reducing recidivism and commitments to state custody.
  • Establish multi-agency, cooperative partnerships within local communities to keep youth on a path towards building a brighter future for themselves.
  • Help court-involved youth choose individualized paths to success.

Oakley Youth Development Center

Rehabilitation and Treatment for Adjudicated Youth  

Youth in Mississippi who are adjudicated delinquent on one or more felony offenses may be placed in the custody of MDHS by a Youth Court Judge and committed to the Oakley Youth Development Center (OYDC).

OYDC focuses on rehabilitating youth by emphasizing education, individual therapy, group therapy and medical services, including but not limited to vision, dental, hearing and physical exams.  Oakley Youth Development Center employs Social Services Specialists and qualified mental health professionals to evaluate and treat youth. Staff utilize effective approaches focusing on each youth’s mental and emotional health that will identify negative thoughts and provide research-based strategies for individual behavioral management that promote positive outcomes.

The Williams School

The Williams School is an accredited Non-Public School District that offers classes in grades 5-12 for female and male youth in the custody of the MDHS Division of Youth Services. Our mission is to provide a safe and orderly learning environment that afford our students an opportunity to grow socially, emotionally, academically, and physically as we strive to produce great youth. 

The Williams School has a data-driven comprehensive school counseling program that positively impacts students’ academic achievement, college/career readiness, social/emotional outcomes, and the overall school/learning environment that align with the school’s goals and mission. The Professional School Counselor establishes a culture for learning in collaboration with others, promotes preventive and responsive services that enhance learning and fosters social/emotional well-being. Professionally, our counselor leads and advocates for systemic change to create an equitable, inclusive, safe, and respectful learning environment for all students. 

The Williams School Career and Technical Education program is comprised of the following:

  • Auto Body
  • Carpentry
  • Custodial Caretaker/Horticulture
  • Cyber Foundations
  • Digital Media Technology
  • Small Engine Repair
  • Welding

SRAE – Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Program

The purpose of the Title V State Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (SRAE) Program is to fund states and territories to implement education exclusively on sexual risk avoidance that teaches youth to voluntarily refrain from sexual activity.

The program is designed to teach youth personal responsibility, self-regulation, goal setting, healthy decision-making, a focus on the future, and the prevention of youth risk behaviors such as drug and alcohol use without normalizing teen sexual activity.

Reports, Plans, & Documents

MDHS Division of Youth Services Annual Reports

If you suspect sexual abuse has happened at Oakley Youth Development Center (OYDC), you have several options for reporting. Please have any information or evidence available for the investigator who will be assigned to handle the case. All reports are taken seriously and investigated as outlined in PREA and OYDC policies and procedures.


OYDC PREA Coordinator: (601) 857-7708

MDHS Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-222-8000.

You may also call and report to the Hinds County Sheriff or Raymond Police Department.


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