Mississippi Access and Visitation Program

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Helping both parents have access and visitation with their children.

Who’s Eligible for mavp services?

  • The parents must have an open Mississippi child support case.
  • Both parents must reside in Mississippi and have valid Mississippi mailing addresses.
  • The child support case must have at least one child under 18 years of age.
  • Both the parent paying support and the parent receiving support can request access and visitation services.

Program Basics

Mississippi’s Access and Visitation Program (MAVP) promotes the involvement of both parents in the lives of their children.

MAVP is designed to encourage parenting time/visitation of both parents with their children and to provide mediation and parent education to both parents.

MAVP staff can act as a neutral third party who:

  • Can assist in establishing parenting agreements and or schedules through voluntary or court-ordered mediation
  • Encourages parents responsible for paying support to pay their court-ordered Child Support Obligation
  • Aids parents receiving support in following their court-ordered Visitation Schedule
  • Provides parent education processes to establish legal parenting time opportunities



This includes working with both parents to develop a peaceful resolution to visitation disputes. Whether voluntary or court-ordered, resolutions are designed to increase time spent with their child(ren) by the parent paying child support. Mediations can be done virtually or by phone.

Parenting Plan Development

MAVP assists parents who have a child support case with voluntary agreements and visitation schedules.

Non-Therapeutic Counseling

The program works with parents to help them focus on the best interests of their child(ren) and incorporate co-parenting skills into their interactions with each other.

Parent Education

MAVP can offer pro se paperwork in some cases, but MAVP does not complete or file legal forms with the courts for any case. Pro se parties represent themselves in court.

apply for MAVP Services

Fill out the MAVP application (PDF).

When complete – Click on the SEND link and your application will be sent directly to Mississippi Access and Visitation Program (MAVP)

MAVP staff will

  • Process your application
  • Determine your eligibility for services
  • Contact you to discuss your case and/or
  • Send you the appropriate Pro Se paperwork

Contact MAVP

Phone: 1-800-590-0818

Fax: 601-359-4370


Applications can be mailed to:
MS Access and Visitation Program
P O Box 352
Jackson, MS 39205

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