Acronyms & Glossary

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Government work uses lots of acronyms and special terms. Here’s a rundown.

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366B – Quarterly report means of collecting data on fraud control and certification activities of State SNAP activity.

4-H – Head, Heart, Hands, and Health


AAA – Area Agency on Aging are responsible for planning, advocating, coordinating, initiating, providing supportive services to older adults.

AAL-1 – Agency Appeal Level One: The first level of an agency appeal, which occurs upon the subgrantee’s timely written request. The AAL-I is an informal telephonic meeting between the subgrantee and an attorney in the Executive Director’s office or to a designated agency attorney to attempt to resolve the issue(s). If the issue(s) is not resolved after the AAL-I to subgrantee’s satisfaction, the subgrantee may request an Administrative Hearing, which is the final level of agency review.

AARP – American Association for Retired Persons

AAS – Aging and Adult Services

AB – Abandoned: A hearing decision for when a Client was not present for the hearing.

ABAWD – Able-Bodied Adult without Dependents. SNAP recipient who is between the ages of 18-50 without dependents. Eligibility for an ABAWD is limited to 3 months within a 36-month period unless that individual is meeting the ABAWD work requirement or is otherwise exempt.


ABLE – Achieving a Better Life Experience

ABS – Advantage Business System

ACEI – Association for Childhood Education International

ACF – Administration for Children and Families.

ACG – Access Control Group

ACIC – Access Control Identification Card

ACIP – Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices: A group of medical and public health experts that develop recommendations on how to use vaccines to control diseases in the United States.

AD – Alzheimer’s disease

ADA – The Americans with Disabilities Act is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including jobs, schools, transportation, and all public and private places that are open to the general public. The purpose of the law is to make sure that people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else.

ADC – Adult Day Care- Adult Day Care is a place for aged and disabled individuals with serious health problems or impairments to go during the day for recreational activities, personal care supervision, nutrition, limited health care and the opportunity to interact socially with other people in group or individual activities.

ADH – Administrative Disqualification Hearing

ADJE – Adjustments screen in SPAHRS

ADL – Activities of Daily Living

AE –Administrative or Agency Error is any benefit error not attributed to a customer’s failure to report changes or an unintentional action taken by an MDHS representative that results in an over-issuance of SNAP benefits.

AED – Automated External Defibrillator: A portable defibrillator designed to be automated such that it can be used by persons without substantial medical training who are responding to a cardiac emergency.

AEP – Alternative Education Placement: The relocation of educational service delivery, out of the regular school setting, imposed upon any student of the district who has committed infractions in the school that caused major disruptions to the classroom or educational environment and necessitated his/her removal.

AFDC – Aid to Families with Dependent Children. Former entitlement program that made public assistance payments on behalf of children who did not have the financial support of one of their parents by reason of death, disability, or continued absence from the home; known in many states as AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children). Replaced with Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF) under the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA).

AG – Attorney General

AGO – Attorney General Office

AIMS – Automated Inserter Mailing System

AMR – American Medical Response: A medical transportation company in the United States that provides and manages community-based medical and non-medical transportation services.

AOC – Administrative Office of Courts

AOP – Adolescent Offender Program

AORD – As of Review Date

AP – Alleged Perpetrator

AP – Absent Parent. The parent of a child who is not in the home fulfilling their parental duty.

APD – Advance Planning Document

APDU – Advance Planning Document Update

API – Application Program Interface

APS – Adult Protective Services seeks to ensure that every older Mississippian is living the best life possible and protects their rights while expanding their opportunities for and access to quality services. They investigate reports of alleged abuse, neglect and exploitation of vulnerable persons residing in private home setting.

APSR – Annual Progress and Services Report

AR – Authorized Representative. An adult non-household member authorized to act on behalf of the household in making application for SNAP.

ARC – American Red Cross

ARM – An Administrative Review Memorandum is an internal memorandum routed by Procurement Services to obtain approvals through each phase of the procurement process.

ASAP – Automated Standard Application for Payments is the name of the website system which USDA and Department of Energy funds come from.

ASCP – Administrative and Executive Services – is a comprehensive training and development program for support staff of governmental entities. ASCP graduates are highly regarded team members in their agencies and throughout the State

AssetWorks – Asset Management Platform used to manage Subgrant property

ASWS – Area Social Worker Supervisor

AT – Action Transmittal is a document sent out by the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, which instructs state or federally funded tribal child support programs on the actions they must take to comply with new and amended federal laws. Has basis in federal law and regulation.

AU – Assistance Unit. All individuals who must be included in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) budget.

AV – Alleged Victim

AWEP – Alternative Work Experience Program. A work activity in which individuals perform work for private non-profit entities for no cash payment in order to receive current work skills and/or experience.
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B&A – Budgets and Accounting

BA – Business Analyst

BAFO – Best and Final Offer shall mean a vendor’s response to a contracting agency’s request that vendors submit their last and most attractive price and terms.

BANKR – Bankruptcy

BBCE – Broad Based Categorical Eligibility

BCBS – Blue Cross Blue Shield is the primary health insurance for MDHS employees.

BENDEX – Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange. A federal data match that provides benefit information from the Social Security Administration such as Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (RSDI) benefits and Medicare Part A and Part B payer and premium amounts.

BID – Twice Daily: Two daily medication pass times that usually coincide with the facility’s a.m. (breakfast) and afternoon (supper) mealtime frame.

BMI – Behavior Management Isolation: A cooling off period for youth where placement of youth in a room either locked or unlocked for the purposes of controlling out of control behavior and to restore order.

BMU – Behavior Modification Unit: A specialized program, segregated from the general population, designed to provide a high level of supervision and structure, assist youth in learning to manage their emotions, thinking, and actions to reduce the likelihood of committing acts of aggression or serious out of control behavior.

BOW – Born Out of Wedlock

BP – Bus Pass. One of two modes of transportation offered to TANF Work Program (TWP) and Transitional Transportation (TT) participants.

BRU – Benefit Recovery Unit within the Office of Inspector General

BSC – Basic Supervisory Course – certification course designed to develop leadership and supervisory skills for front line supervisors of governmental entities. Fulfills the requirement for public managers who are entering the Mississippi Certified Public Manager Program

BUA – Basic Utility Allowance. It is a standard deduction allowed for households who incur at least two out-of-pocket non-cooling or non-heating expenses and do not receive LIHEAP.

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CAA – Community Action Agency is a local office that administers CSBG, LIHEAP and WAP programs to their local communities. They are non-profit organizations that bring public and private resources and expertise together to make people self-sufficient and eliminate the causes and effects of poverty. Also known as subgrantee or partner.

CADM – “Case Documentation Menu” screen in MAVS showing records made by caseworkers regarding the Client’s case.

CAP – Corrective Action Plan

CAP – Cost Allocation Plan: A narrative description of the procedures that the State, agency, i.e. MDHS, will use in identifying, measuring, and allocating all State agency costs incurred in support of all programs administered or supervised by the State agency.

CAP1-3 – Case Profile screens (1-3) in MAVERICS containing all basic information for SNAP case records.

CAPER – Case and Procedural Error Rate.

CARS – Client Application and Registration System

CASEMOD – Case Management Module. A web-based application that creates, tracks, monitors and manages SNAP E&T activities.

CB – Children’s Bureau

CC – Child Care

CCAIR – Childcare Crisis Assistance in Isolation Response

CCC – Cost Center Code

CCDBG – Child Care Development Block Grant

CCDBG Act – Child Care Development Block Grant Act

CCDF – Child Care Development Fund. Subsidized childcare authorized by PRWORA to assist low-income families in obtaining childcare so they can work or attend training/education. This is how TANF Work Program childcare and Transitional Child Care (TCC) are funded.

CCP – Critical Control Point: the danger zone of food, cold food should be kept at 41 degrees or below and hot food should be kept at 135 degrees or higher.

CCPA – Consumer Credit Protection Act. Federal law that limits the amount that may be withheld from earnings to satisfy child support obligations and other garnishments. State or tribal law may further limit the amount that can be withheld from a person’s paycheck.

CCPP – Child Care Payment Program

CCPS – Child Care Payment System contains all information on voucher recipients and providers, as well as payment ledgers and document storage.

CCR&R – Child Care Resource and Referral

CD – County Director

CD – Certificates of Deposits – Time deposits primarily characterized by the requirement that deposited funds are left on deposit intact for a specified term and earning a higher rate of interest than checking or saving accounts.

CDA – Child Development Associate Certification

CDI – Corrected During Inspection

CDSMP – Chronic Disease Self-Management Education Programs

CE – Categorical Eligibility as it relates to the Office of Compliance.

CE – County Employee

CEC – Council for Exception Children

CEJ – Continuing Exclusive Jurisdiction: A court of a State that has issued a child support order has continuing exclusive jurisdiction over the order as long as the issuing state remains the resident State of the obligor, the obligee, or the child for whose benefit the support order is issued (or until the individual parties agree in writing for another State to exercise jurisdiction).

CEMP – Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

CERT – Community Emergency Response Team

CEUs – Continuing Education Units

CFO – Chief Financial Officer

CFR – Code of Federal Regulations: A codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the Executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government.

CHINS – Child in Need of Supervision: A child who has reached his seventh birthday and is in need of treatment or rehabilitation because the child is habitually disobedient of reasonable and lawful commands of his parent, guardian or custodian and is ungovernable; or while being required to attend school, willfully and habitually violates the rules thereof or willfully and habitually absents himself therefrom; or runs away from home without good cause; or has committed a delinquent act or acts.

CHIP – Children’s Health Insurance Program

CICD – Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery

CL – Clerical: These employees are selected to participate in the RMS process. Clerical staff also includes Client Service Representatives (CSRs).

CM – Case Manager. This individual works directly with TANF Work Program participants to provide support, encouragement and assistance in management without promoting dependency.

CMIA – Cash Management Improvement Act. Federal regulations requiring states to make timely use of funds distributed from federal grants and ensuring that funds are not drawn too soon.

CMPA – Certified Mississippi Purchasing Agent – a state agency purchasing official who holds a certification from the Mississippi Basic Purchasing Certification Program as established by the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration’s Office of Purchasing, Travel, and Fleet Management.

CMS – Congregate Meal Setting – At least one hot or other appropriate meal provided to an eligible person in a congregate setting which (Older Americans Act of 1965, as amended (OAA), Section 331(1)):

CMS – Case Manager Supervisor. This individual provides administrative technical assistance to the Case Manager, monitors their caseload and assures that the CM follows the policy and procedures of the TANF Work Program.

CMS – Case Management System is a computer-based case management database which is used to track the history, educational, mental health, medical history and needs of youth who come in contact with the juvenile justice system.

CMS – Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services

CN – Contract Number

CNCS – Corporation for National & Community Service

COBRA – The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act gives workers and their families who lose their health benefits the right to choose to continue group health benefits provided by their group health plan for limited periods of time under certain circumstances such as voluntary or involuntary job loss, reduction in the hours worked, transition between jobs, death, divorce, and other life events.

COC – Chain of Command

COLA – Cost of Living Adjustment is a modification of the amount of a support obligation based on the economy’s increasing or decreasing cost of the necessities of life, such as food, shelter, and clothing.

COM – Community Service. A work activity in which individuals, not otherwise able to obtain employment, work for public entities for no cash payment to improve their employability skills to help them move promptly into regular public or private employment. Community Service providers must be approved by the County Director.

COR – Court Ordered Restitution

COVID – CO) – Stands for Corona, (VI) – Stands for Virus, (D) – Stands for Disease

CP – Custodial Parent. The parent with the actual custody of the child, generally the Economic Assistance Eligibility client, as opposed to the absent parent (AP).

CP-1 Form – Specifies an effective date and expiration date, authorizing payments throughout that time period. The frequency of payment, payment amount, and total number of payments to be made.

CPA – Cooperative Procurement Agreement requires that contracts for these acquisitions be entered into only after advertisements of proposal solicitations are published in one or more daily newspapers.

CPM – Certified Public Manager – a nationally recognized leadership Development Program for public managers and supervisors. Consists of 6 levels of distinct curriculum

CPO – Chief Procurement Officer means any agency personnel duly authorized to enter into and administer contracts and make written determinations with respect thereto. The term also includes an authorized agency representative acting within the limits of his or her authority.

CPR – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: A procedure to support and maintain breathing and circulation for a person who has stopped breathing (respiratory arrest) and/or whose heart has stopped (cardiac arrest).

CPS – Child Protection Services leads Mississippi’s efforts in keeping children and youth safe and thriving by strengthening families, preventing child abuse, neglect and exploitation, and promoting child and family wellbeing and permanent family connections.

CRDU – Central Receipting and Distribution Unit

CRS – Case Review System

CS – Child Support as it relates to Administrative Services

CS – Community Services

CS – Congregate Shelter as it relates to Safety & Emergency Services

CSANS – Child Support in Arrears-No Second Family

CSBG – Community Services Block Grant funds are used to alleviate the causes and effects of poverty. These programs are designed to relieve the immediate problems faced by low-income families as well as long range programs to lift individuals out of poverty conditions.

CSE – The Division of Child Support Enforcement which is charged with the state administration of Title IV-D of the Social Security Act.

CSENET – The Child Support Enforcement Network is a Nationwide Communication Network linking child support agencies. It allows information between local child support offices in different states to flow electronically. It also links state automated child support systems encompassing CSE offices and Central Registries.

CSEO – Child Support Enforcement Officer

CSFP – Commodity Supplemental Food Program.

CSNSF – Child Support-No Second Family

CSR – Client Service Representative

CSRA – Child Support Recovery Act (1992). This Act makes it a federal crime to willfully fail to pay a past-due child support obligation for a child living in another state. The past-due obligation must be either greater than $5,000 or must have remained unpaid for more than one year.

CSV – Comma Separated Values. Files that contain the .csv file extension are comma-delimited files that contain separated database fields in Excel format.

CW – Contract Worker is a worker under contract with the State who meets the requirements for a contract worker under the Internal Revenue Code and is compliant with applicable PPRB OPSCR Rules and Regulations.

CW – Social Workers aka Family Protection Workers/Family Protection Specialist

CWP – Common Web Portal

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DA – District Attorney; can also utilize the ADA or Assistant District Attorney.

DAAS – Division of Aging and Adult Services

DBA – Database Administrator

DCA – Disqualification Consent Agreement.

DCL – Dear Colleague Letter. Letter sent out to those in the child support community, and interested partners, that conveys information on child support enforcement program activities.

DCS – Data Center Support

DD – Developmentally Disable

DDII – Division Director II.

DE – Denied/Deny: A hearing decision found in favor of Mississippi Department of Human Services (“MDHS”).

DEAE – Division of Economic Assistance Eligibility. The MDHS division that administers Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), TANF Work Program (TWP), Transitional Services, Abstinence and Healthy Marriage Education, Nutritional Education and Food Distribution.

DEAE LNO – Division of Economic Assistance Eligibility (DEAE) Liaison Officer.

DEC – Disaster or Emergency Conditions

DEC – Division for Early Childhood

DECCD – Division of Early Childhood Care and Development. The MDHS division that is responsible for the provision of all childcare services for TANF Work Program participants as well as Transitional Child Care services. DECCD administers the Child Care Payment Program (“CCPP”) which is designed to assist low-income Mississippi families by offering a seamless system of high-quality childcare to recipients of Child Care and Development Fund (“CCDF”) subsidies.

DED – Deputy Executive Director

DED – Division of Employee Development – Develops training curriculum and authors eLearning courses. Aids in agency’s employee development & succession planning. Manages the agency’s Learning Management System (LMS)

DEDU – Employee Deductions

DEMO – Employee Personal Information

DEVOPS – Combined set of practices for Development and IT Operations

DFA – Department of Finance and Administration helps the Governor, State agencies, and State Legislators provide effective, efficient, and fiscally sound government to the citizens of Mississippi. DFA assists agencies in maintaining adequate internal controls and efficient management practices. DFA provides quality, cost effective services such as building construction, acquisition and maintenance, insurance, and purchasing and travel. DFA builds an Executive Budget that reflects the Governor’s priorities. DFA is the primary agency responsible for State government financial and administrative operations including employee payroll, vendor payments, employee insurance, construction, maintenance, and protection of State buildings in the Capitol Complex, financial information management systems, management of the State’s vehicle fleet, and numerous other related activities.

DFO – Director of Facility Operations: an individual that oversees various department under the DFO.

DHA – Delta Health Alliance

DHHS – Department of Health and Human Services

DHR – Division of Human Resources.

DHS – Department of Human Services

DNA – Deoxyribonucleic acid

DOB – Date of Birth

DOD – Department of Defense

DOD – Division of Economic Assistance Eligibility (DEAE) Operations Director

DOE – Department of Energy is the federal administrator of the Weatherization (WX) Assistance Program (WAP).

DP – Participation in more than one household – household caused overpayment

DPI – Due Process Isolation: Any instance when a youth is confined alone in a room as a result of a due process hearing

DPPA – Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act of 1998 is a federal law that imposes criminal penalties on parents who repeatedly fail to support children living in another state or who flee across state lines to avoid supporting them; the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act established felony violations for the willful failure to pay legal child support obligations in interstate cases.

DR – Drug trafficking or drug felony – household caused overpayment

DRDE – Direct Deposit

DRP – Disaster Recovery Plan

DRS – Disqualified Recipient Subsystem is a Federal database used to track individuals IPV disqualified from the SNAP program nationwide. Each state is responsible for updating the database as new disqualifications are imposed.

DS – Database Support

DSNAP – Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program which provides SNAP assistance to non-traditional SNAP households suffering loss due to a natural disaster.

DTC – District Test Coordinator: The designee assigned by the Director of Educational Services to ensure that all state testing guidelines are followed.

DWD – Division of Workforce Development. Administers the SNAP E&T program, including technical support and user training for the CaseMod and overseeing contracts with workforce partner agencies.

DX – Diagnosed/diagnosis

DYS – Division of Youth Services: A division of the Mississippi Department of Human Services that provides institutional care through the Oakley Youth Development Center, as well as aftercare and probation services to delinquent youth.

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E&T – Employment and Training. It is a program for SNAP recipients operated by the agency consisting of one or more work, training, education or job search components.

EA – Economic Assistance

EAB – Employee Appeals Board

EACD – Economic Assistance County Director

EAE – Economic Assistance Eligibility

EAP – Employee Assistance Program provided to all MDHS employees for free by Deer Oaks.

EARD – Economic Assistance Regional Director

EARS – Education and Administration Reporting System.

EBT – Electronic Benefit Transfer. A program using an electronic method to disburse SNAP benefits using plastic debit card technology. Recipients access their benefits at participating retailers using a point-of-sale (POS) device.

ECCD – Early Childhood Care and Development is a division that provides child care voucher assistance to parents and guardians who meet specific eligibility criteria.

ECIP – Energy Crisis Intervention Program provides direct client services for emergency and crisis situations. See policy on crisis. This activity does not include cost for staff.

ECO – Emergency Coordinating Officer

ED – Executive Director

EDGE – Ethics, Discipline, Goals & Employment

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange – file of employers received by MIS from the bank

EDO – Executive Director’s Office

eDRS – Electronic Disqualification Recipient Subsystem

E-EBT – Excessive Electronic Benefit Transfer card replacement report.

EEOC – Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EFAP – Emergency Food Assistance Program

EFITS – Electronic Financial Interface Tracking System

EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer -Electronic Data Interchange deposit file to MIS to post employers Child Support collections into MDHS’ in house auxiliary system, METSS.

EHS – Early Head Start

EIC – Earned Income Credit

EITC – Earned Income Tax Credit

E-IWO – Electronic Income Withholding Order

EMA – Emergency Management Agency

EMCC – East Mississippi Community College

EMP – Enterprise Master Plan

EMP – Emergency Management Plan

EOI – Evidence of Insurability is documented proof of good health. An applicant begins the EOI/medical underwriting process by submitting a Medical History Statement, which along with other information obtained during the underwriting evaluation is used to make the determination.

EPL – Express Product List is multi-vendor awards that meet Mississippi requirements for legal purchases

EPPIC – Electronic Payment Processing Information Control

EPPIC – Electronic Payment Processing and Information Control -Electronic Benefit Payment transfer software that is a facility to transmit the records of child support benefits collected between the collector of the funds and the financial institutions that make the funds available to beneficiaries.

ERA – Eligible Recipient Agency.

ESAP – Elderly Simplified Application Project

ESCP – Executive Services Certification Program – developed for administrative professionals to continue their professional development. This program encourages admin. Professionals to cultivate existing skills, contribute to the vision of their agency within their individual roles, and enhance leadership skills

ESF – Emergency Support Function

ESF6 – Emergency Support Function 6 TCG Transitional Child Care

ESN – Eligibility Sequence Number

EV – Exempt Volunteer. A TANF recipient who is exempt from participation in the TANF Work Program, but signs an agreement and chooses to participate.

EVS – Enumeration and Verification System

EW – Eligibility Worker. The individual who determines eligibility for TANF, SNAP and TWP (determines time limits and exemptions from this program).

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FAM – Fraud Abuse Module

FC – Family Benefit Cap. Policy that limits the TANF benefit to children already born or conceived at the time of initial application.

FCR – Federal Case Registry of Child Support Orders. A national database of information on individuals in all IV-D cases and all non-IV-D orders entered or modified on or after October 1, 1998. The FCR receives this case information on a daily basis from the State Case Registry located in every state, and proactively matches it with previous submissions to the FCR and with employment information contained in the National Directory of New Hires (NDNH). Any successful matches are returned to the appropriate state(s) for processing. The FCR and the NDNH are both part of the Federal Parent Locator Service maintained by OCSE.

FCS – Family and Children’s Services, now known as CPS

FCSP – Family Caregiver Support Program- Respite care is the providing of temporary relief time for the regular or primary caregiver (spouse, child, relative) of an ill, frail, infirmed, functionally impaired older individual or dementia patient that requires constant in-home care.

FEIN – Federal Employer Identification Number

FFCCSOA – Full Faith and Credit for Child Support Orders Act

FTI – Federal Tax Information: Consists of tax returns and tax return information. FTI can be either or both. FTI is any return information received from the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) or an IRS secondary sources, such as the Social Security Administration, Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, Bureau of Fiscal Services, or Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services.

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency

FFP – Federal Financial Participation: the federal government’s share of expenditures made by the State agency for the public assistance programs it administers.

FFR – A net cash report including federal cash revenues and federal cash disbursements required by the federal government to be submitted on a quarterly basis.

FFS – Child Support (Current ID in MAGIC)

FFY – Federal Fiscal Year

FH – Fair hearing, unfavorable decision – household caused overpayment

FI – Fraud Investigation

FICA – Social Security Tax

FIDM – Financial Institution Data Match. A process whereby information on accounts held by banks, savings and loan companies, brokerage houses, and other financial institutions is matched against child support obligors who owe past-due support (arrearages).

FIFO – First-In-First Out: rotation of the food that is ordered first and required to be used first.

FITS – Financial Interface Tracking System – reconciles the distribution file between MIS (Management Information Systems and 3rd party vendor data file. Reflects dates, times, and purchase amounts for EBT card transactions.

FLA – Fitness Liability Use Agreement

FLAG – FEMA Logistics Advisory Group

FLSA – Fair Labor Standards Act

FM – Fleet Management

FMLA – Family Medical Leave Act, entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for immediate family members (child, parent, and spouse) and medical reasons with continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave.

FMM – Facility Maintenance Manager: an individual that manages the maintenance staff and areas.

FMS – Financial Management Service. Acting as the U.S. government’s money manager, FMS provides centralized payment, collection, and reporting services, and using a centralized process, collects delinquent debts (e.g., federal student, mortgage, or small business loans; federal salary or benefit overpayments; fines or penalties assessed by federal agencies) owed to the U.S. government, as well as income tax debts owed to states and past-due child support payments owed to custodial parents.

FNS – The Food and Nutrition Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture which funds 15 federal nutrition assistance programs.

FOIA – Freedom of Information Act

FOP – Federal Offset Program. The program that provides several enforcement tools to collect past-due child support from noncustodial parents, including federal income tax refund and administrative offset, Passport Denial Program, MSFIDM and Debt Check.

FP – Formal Probation

FPLS – Federal Parent Locator Service. A computerized, national location network operated by OCSE. The FPLS obtains address, employer information, and data on child support cases in every state, and then compares the data and returns matches to the appropriate states. This helps state and local child support agencies locate noncustodial parents and putative fathers for the purposes of establishing custody and visitation rights, establishing and enforcing child support obligations, investigating parental kidnapping, and processing adoption or foster care cases. The expanded FPLS includes the Federal Case Registry (FCR) and the National Directory of New Hires (NDNH).

FPO – Federal Project Officer.

FPRS – The Food Programs Reporting System facilitates data gathering for and reporting of data for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Special Nutrition Program.

FPS – Family Protection Specialist

FPSA – Family Protection Specialist Advanced

FPSS – Family Protection Specialist Sr.

FPW – Family Protection Worker

FR – Federal Register

FR – Flame Resistant as it relates to Safety & Emergency Services

FRA – Fire Risk Assessment

FRC – Foreign Reciprocating Country

FS – Food Stamps, now known as SNAP as it relates to Economic Assistance Eligibility

FS – Floor Supervisor: an individual that manages and trains staff members as it relates to Youth Services

FSA – Family Support Act

FSBH – Food Stamp Benefit History in MAVERICS showing all benefits received, the benefit type, the months of issuance, and the budgeted income and expenses for each SNAP household.

FSC – Food Service Coordinator: an individual that oversees the day to day operations of the cafeteria, meal nutrition, and vendors.

FTAX – Maintain Federal Tax

FTROP – Federal Treasury Refund Offset Program, also known as TOP.

FVI – Family Violence Indicator. A designation that resides in the Federal Case Registry placed on a participant in a case or order by a state or tribe that indicates the participant is at risk of child abuse or domestic violence. Used to prevent disclosure of the location of a party or a child believed by the state or tribe to be at risk of family violence.

FVMR – Fleet Vehicle Mileage Report

FY – Fiscal Year

FYSB – Family and Youth Services Bureau

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GA – General Assistance. GA is a cash and in-kind assistance programs financed and administered entirely by the state, county or locality in which they operate. They are designed to meet short term or ongoing needs of low-income individual’s ineligible for (or awaiting approval for) federally funded cash assistance such as TANF or SSI. Mississippi does not offer a general assistance program. The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians offers a general assistance program for tribal members.

GAAP – Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. The packet of financial statements used in preparing the CAFR, the annual financial report of the state of Mississippi.

GAMT – Garnishments-Flat Amount

GARN – Garnishments

GC – Good Cause

GCSP – Goodwill Customer Service Program

GED – The General Equivalency Diploma is an educational certificate awarded in the United States and Canada which certifies that the recipient has met the minimum requirements necessary to graduate high school. It is also referred to as “high school equivalency certificate.”


GR – Grant: A hearing decision found in favor of the client as it relates to OIG

GR – Goods receipt: When goods are received they are receipted into MAGIC and return a Material document number

GSA – Government Services Administration

GSD – General System Design

GSM – Goodwill of South Mississippi

GSSN – Get Social Security Number

GTOV – Payroll Grant Override System: A table in an online portal that contains all of the grant override codes being used.

GUI – Graphical User Interface

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HACCP – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point is a preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical, and hazards.

HACCP Plan – A written document based on the principle of HACCP and describes procedures to follow to ensure the control of a specific process.

HAZMAT – Hazardous Material

HCDHS – Hinds County Department of Human Services

HDM – Home Delivered Meals- A home-delivered meal is a hot, cold, frozen, or other appropriate meal provided to an eligible homebound person in his/her home

HEFI – “Hearing Fraud Investigation” screen in MAVS that documents the status of fraud investigations and Intentional Program Violations.

HFM – Healthy Families Mississippi

HH – Unreported change in household size or residence – household caused overpayment

HHS – Health and Human Services

HHSTP – Human Services Transparency and Fraud Prevention as it relates to the Division of MIS

HHSTP – Health and Human Services Transformation Project as it relates to the Division of Economic Assistance Eligibility

HINDS CC – Hind Community College

HIPPA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HIV – Human Immunodeficiency Virus: The viral agent responsible for causing the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

HR – Human Resources

HRA – Human Resource Agency is a local office that administers CSBG, LIHEAP and WAP programs to their local communities. Also known as subgrantee or partner.

HRCP – Human Resource Certification Program – develops well-trained human resources practitioners in Mississippi state government by providing a comprehensive training program specifically tailored to human resource professionals at both the technical and managerial levels

HRSA – Health Resources Services Administration is an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), provides health care to people who are geographically isolated, and/or economically or medically vulnerable.

HV – Home Visit

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IA – Implementing Agency.

IAD – Internal Audit Division.

IADL – Independent Activities of Daily Living

IAPD – Implementation Advanced Planning Document

ICJ – The Interstate Compact for Juveniles: The law that regulates the interstate movement of juveniles who are under court supervision or have run away to another state. The ICJ is a contract that has been adopted as law throughout the United States and is governed by the Interstate Commission for Juveniles.

ICR – Interstate Case Reconciliation

IEP – Individual Employment Plan. The Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) is responsible for establishing an IEP that identifies the TWP participant’s employment/educational goals, the TWP work activities and any supportive services needed. It is also a written document that is developed for each public-school child who is eligible for special education services.

IEVS – Income and Eligibility Verification System. It collects and exchanges income and resource data from other federal and state agencies to be used in verifying eligibility for benefits for eligible households.

IFB – Invitation for Bids is a solicitation inviting bids from vendors who believe they can provide products/services to satisfy an agency’s needs.

IHE – Inadvertent Household Error is any benefit error due to the customer’s unintentional failure to report error changes; or the result of a fair hearing request where benefits are continued pending the outcome of the hearing.

IIA – Institute of Internal Audit

ILP – Independent Living Program

IM – Information Memorandum is a document that provides state and tribal child support enforcement agencies with information on program practices that can be useful to program improvement.

INS – Immigration and Naturalization Services

IO – Internal Order Number: Fund codes associated with each division

IP – Improper Payment

IPN – Interdisciplinary Note: Notes entered at various times during a shift that reflects any aspect of change in client condition, or anything affecting the client.

IPV – Intentional Program Violation. An overpayment intentionally caused by an applicant, recipient or authorized representative by making false or misleading statements, misrepresentations or concealing or withholding of facts. Also, committing an act that would violate the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008, SNAP regulations or state statute for the purpose of using, transferring, acquiring, possessing or trafficking of SNAP benefits or EBT cards.

IRG – Intergovernmental Referral Guide. An online compilation of state, tribal, and international child support agencies’ contact and policy information.

IRS – Internal Revenue Service

ISS – In-School Suspension: The temporary removal of a student from his/her class to a designated location within the school for violations of classroom or school rules. The purpose of the ISS program is to hold students accountable for their behavior and their school assignments while they remain in school after they have committed acts of misconduct within the classroom or school.

IT – Intent to defraud by giving false information – household caused overpayment

ITS – Information Technology Services – The Mississippi Legislature has tasked ITS with providing statewide services that facilitate cost-effective technology and telecom solutions that can be shared by all state agencies.

IVA – Interactive Voice Applications: The Company that was used for RMS and CPlanPlus.

IV-A – TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) Title of the Social Security Act

IV-D – Refers to Part D of the Social Security Act. Title IV-D established the child support program.

IV-E – Foster Care Title of the Social Security Act

IWO – Income Withholding Order

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JAD – Joint Application Development

JAWS – Jobs Automated Work System. It is a computer system used to support the TANF Work Program.

JCW – Juvenile Care Worker: Shall arrive at the facility on time to receive their post assignment from the shift supervisor. After receiving their assignment, staff proceed immediately to their post, provide a professional level of supervision and care, direct and support youth, through line–of–sight observation and instruction during their daily activities.

JDC – Juvenile Detention Center: County-operated facilities for the detainment of youths who have been arrested for a delinquent offense, are an out-of-state runaway, or are otherwise ordered detained by the Youth Court.

JIDS – Juvenile Interstate Data System: A web-based system operated by the Interstate Commission for Juveniles that facilitates the supervising, transferring, accepting, tracking, and returning of juveniles from one state to another. It expected to go offline and be replaced May 2021.

JIRA – Issue and Project Tracking System. JIRA tracks and manages information requests.

JOBS – Job Opportunities and Basic Skills

JRA – Job Readiness Activity. Structured, coordinated, planned and supervised classes or individual exercises that help TANF participants prepare to enter the workforce. MDES is responsible for coordinating and supervising all JRA activities.

JST – Job Skills Training. Training, which includes vocational training, in technical job skills and equivalent knowledge and abilities in a specific occupational area. After the individual has participated in the required hours in an allowable TWP activity, additional hours may be scheduled in JST in order to meet the participation rate.

JTPA – Job Training Partnership Act

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KG – A document type in MAGIC that reflects a Vendor Credit Memo: Credit that are owed by the agency or vendor

KR – A document type in MAGIC that reflects Vendor Invoices without a PO or Contract: Payments that are made without contract and purchase orders

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LA – Local Agency

LAMI – IRS Levy Set Amount

LBAL – Leave Balance

LBO – Legislative Budget Office

LEA – Local Education Agency: The school district that the student transitions to after he/she leaves Oakley Youth Development Center and returns to his/her community.

LEP – Limited English Proficiency

LIHEAP – Low-Income Energy Assistance Program. It provides financial assistance for home heating and cooling, energy crisis intervention and low cost weatherization to low-income households, including the elderly, people with disabilities, families with young children, the working poor, and those making the difficult transition from welfare to work.

LMS – Learning Management System is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

LOC – Letter of Configuration – Solicitations sent to a vendor pool, and each vendor has the opportunity to submit a proposal with pricing and other requested information.

LOC – Level of Care

LOGO – Log-Off

LOI – Letter of Intent.

LPR – Lawful Permanent Resident

LTC – Long Term Care

LTCOP – Long Term Care Ombudsman Program-Advocates for the residents highest possible quality of life and care and is responsible for investigating and attempting to resolve concerns and complaint’s made by or on behalf of residents of long-term care facilities.

LTSS – Long Term Services and Supports

LVAC – Supplemental Preliminary

LWDA – Local Workforce Development Areas

LWOP – Leave without pay is the temporary, non-paying status and absence from work duty.

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MAC Center – Mississippi Access to Care Centers are welcoming and accessible places located across the state where older adults, persons with disabilities and any individual as well as their families and representatives can obtain information and assistance in locating services or applying for benefits.

MACWIS – Mississippi Automated Child Welfare Information System used by Child Protection Services for case management

MAGIC – Mississippi’s Accountability System for Government Information and Collaboration is Mississippi State Government’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. MAGIC is the statewide accounting and procurement system of record, encompassing Finance (accounting, budgeting, grants management), Logistics (procurement, fleet management, inventory management), and Data Warehouse functionality.

MAO – Medical Assistance Only is a form of public assistance administered by a state’s IV-A program that provides benefits to recipients only in the form of medical, rather than financial, assistance.

MAR – Medication Administration Record: A form utilized to document the time, date, medication, route of administration, and any pertinent information as it relates to medication administration.

MARS – Mississippi Application and Reimbursement System is the system used to file the monthly reimbursement claims.

MASE – MS Alliance of State Employee

MAVERICS – Mississippi Application, Verification, Eligibility, Reporting, & Information Control System also known as MAVS used by MDHS to administer SNAP cases.

MCARE – Medicare Tax

MCCB – Mississippi Community College Board

MCEC – Mississippi Community Education Center

MCTS – Master Client Tracking System

MDCPS – Mississippi Department of Child Protective Services

MDE – Mississippi Department of Education

MDES – Mississippi Department of Employment Security administers the unemployment benefits program that provides payments to Mississippians who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own.

MDHS – Mississippi Department of Human Services

MDN – Material Docket Number

MDOT – Mississippi Department of Transportation

MDRS – Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services

ME – Management Evaluation are reviews conducted at the county level to determine if the State agency is administering and operating SNAP in accordance with program requirements.

MECEC – Military Child Education Coalition

MEEI – Maintain Employee Eligibility Information

MEMA – Mississippi Emergency Management Agency

MERLIN – Mississippi Executive Resource Library and Information Network is an enterprise data warehouse of accounting (including budget, revenue, and expenditures), payroll, human resources, travel, and property information. The data warehouse gives state agencies and government officials access to decision critical information for reporting and analysis purposes to facilitate management decisions. MERLIN is both web and client server accessible.

METSS – Mississippi Enforcement and Tracking of Support System is an automated child support system utilized by the Division of Child Support Enforcement.

MFN – Mississippi Food Network

MIBEST – Mississippi Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training

MIECHV – Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program

MIIX – Mississippi Immunization Information exchange is a computerized system that allows for review of immunization history and ability to print the records.

MIPPA – Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act that assists Medicare beneficiaries with applying for Medicare Part D Extra Help/Low-Income Subsidy and Medicare Savings Program

MIS – Management Information Systems is the MDHS division that is responsible for supporting the Department’s programmatic and administrative data processing needs.

MIS-10.1-MAVS – Systems Access Request Form

MLICCI – Mississippi Low-Income Child Care Initiative

MMIS – Medicaid Management Information System

MMRS – The Mississippi Management and Reporting System is an office of the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration with the purpose of creating and maintaining a central repository of current, accurate, and relevant management information. They provide timely, accurate financial management and human resource information to state agencies, elected officials, and the public at large.

MNCLMS – The operating database that MDHS uses to work and approve budgets for overpayments.

MNPI – Maintain Position Information

MOA – Memorandum of Agreement

MOA – Memorandum of Agreement is a formal, legal document written between parties to cooperatively work together on an agreed upon project or meet an agreed upon objective.

MOU – Memorandum of Understanding is a formal, legal document that describes the broad outlines of an agreement that two or more parties have reached.

MPIC – Mississippi Prison Industries Corporation

MSCAP – Mississippi Combined Application Project is a demonstration project and a cooperative effort between MDHS, FNS and SSA designed to simplify the application process for SSI recipients or applicants who choose to also apply for SNAP benefits.

MSDH – Mississippi State Department of Health

MSFI – Multistate Financial Institution is a financial institution that conducts business in two or more states.

MSFIDM – Multistate Financial Institution Data Match is the process by which delinquent child support obligors are matched with accounts held in financial institutions doing business in more than one state.

MSIS – The Mississippi Student Information System was created to comply with the Performance Based Accreditation Model that allows the accurate reporting of student attendance and personnel at the school level to be sent to the State Department of Education.

MSLVY – MS Tax Net Wage Attachment

MSO – Monthly Support Obligation is the amount of money a noncustodial parent or party is required to pay each month for child and/or spousal support.

MSP – Manage Service Provider- solution provides competitive and add value in areas of contingent worker and milestone, deliverable and/or service based statement of work (SOW) procurements.

MSPB – The Mississippi State Personnel Board is the state agency which recruits personnel for all Mississippi state agencies.

MSR – Monthly Statistical Report is an in-house report that gives statistical data for the Division of Economic Assistance Eligibility, Division of Child Support Enforcement, Division of Youth Services, Social Services Block Grant, and Division of Aging and Adult Services.

MSU – Mississippi State University

MTSS – Multi-Tiered System of Supports: A multi-step process put in place to support the academic and behavioral needs of all students as early as possible to ensure success. Essential MTSS components include the following: 1) universal screener in math, reading, and other content areas to help schools identify students who may need more support or other types of instruction; 2) research-based interventions, teaching strategies, or other methods that have been proven to be effective in addressing a student’s academic or behavioral problems that will help children learn; 3) progress monitoring a student’s progress in the general curriculum to see how well the student is doing on a specific skill; and 4) following recommended state guidelines for making decisions about which students are making progress or responding to intervention.

MYCIDS – Mississippi Youth Court Information Delivery System: is web-based application that provides support for the intake of youths into the youth court system, scheduling of youth court cases, management of court dockets, tracking of custody changes, document generation, and it provides a database for statistical reporting operated by the MS Supreme Court.

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NAAT – Nucleic Acid Amplification Test: A technique utilized to detect a nucleic acid, virus or bacteria, which acts as a pathogen in blood, tissue, urine, etc.

NAC – National Accuracy Clearinghouse

NACHA – National Automated Clearing House Association. The association that establishes the standards, rules, and procedures that enable financial institutions to exchange payments on a national basis. The Electronic Funds Transfer and the child support Electronic Data Interchange formats are established by NACHA. NACHA also establishes rules and procedures that govern use of the stored value cards.

NAEYC – National Association for the Education of Young Children

NAFCC – National Association for Family Child Care

NAMB – Browse Employee by Name screen in SPAHRS

NAPIS – National Aging Programs Information System

NASPO – National Association of State Procurement Officials – a cooperative purchasing program facilitating public procurement solicitations

NBCDF – National Black Child Development Institute

NCOA – National Council on Aging

NCP – Non-Custodial Parent. The parent who does not have primary care, custody, or control of the child, and who may have an obligation to pay child support. Also referred to as the obligor.

NCRC – National Career Readiness Certificate

NCS – Non-Congregate Shelter

NDNH – The National Directory of New Hires is a national database containing new hire and quarterly wage data from every State Directory of New Hires and federal agency, and Unemployment Insurance data from State Workforce Agencies. CSE maintains the NDNH as part of the expanded Federal Parent Locator Service.

NEO GOV – This is the statewide recruitment and selection system for positions under the purview of MSPB.

NEWH – New Hire

NH – New Hire

NHSA – National Head Start Association

NMSN – National Medical Support Notice. The standard form sent to an employer from the state child support agency ordering the employer and its health care plan administrator to enroll a noncustodial parent’s child in health care coverage when coverage is available through the employer and required as part of a child support order. When properly completed, the NMSN constitutes a Qualified Medical Child Support Order, a document necessary for health care plans to enroll dependents who are not residing with the covered parent. The NMSN is designed to simplify the work of employers and plan administrators by providing a uniform document to request health care coverage.

NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOFA – Notice of Funding Availability: describes the type of funding available and provides details on what must be submitted to be eligible to receive funding.

NOHS – “Notice History Summary” screen in MAVS that lists all notices drafted in MAVS and either pending or sent to the Client.

Nol. Pros. – Nolle Prosequi is a prosecutors’ declaration that they are voluntarily ending a criminal case before trial or before a verdict is rendered.

NORC – National Ombudsman Resources Center

NORE – “Notice Request” screen in MAVS where an input code generates a notice template to be filled out and either pended or released to the Client.

NPRC – National Personnel Records Center

NPRM – Notice of Proposed Rule Making

NSE – Non-State Employee

NSPARC – National Strategic Planning and Analysis Research Center. Draws data from the CaseMod to identify E&T component activities and the number of SNAP recipients participating in components during the Federal fiscal year. Partners with MDHS on the E&T Annual Report. Serves as the official State data clearinghouse.

NVRA – National Voter Registration Act: requires states to offer voter registration opportunities at all offices that provide public assistance.

NWS – National Weather Service

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OAA – Older Americans Act of 1965 – established the Administration on Aging (AoA) to administer the newly created grant programs and to serve as the federal focal point on matters concerning older persons.

OAG – Office of the Attorney General

OAS – Office of Administrative Services

OBRS – The Online Budget Request System is Mississippi Legislative Budget Office’s website for state agencies to build and submit their annual Budget Requests.

OCC – Office of Child Care

OCN – Office of Child Nutrition

OCSE – The Office of Child Support Enforcement is the federal agency responsible for the administration of the Child Support Enforcement program. Created by Title IV-D of the Social Security Act in 1975, OCSE is responsible for developing child support policy; oversight, evaluation, and audits of state and tribal child support programs; and providing technical assistance and training to those programs. OCSE operates the Federal Parent Locator Service, which includes the National Directory of New Hires and the Federal Case Registry. OCSE is part of the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

OCY – Office for Children and Youth

OFI – Office of Fraud Investigations

OIC – Officer in Charge

OIG – Office of Inspector General. The MDHS office charged with detecting, preventing and deterring waste, fraud and abuse within the agency. Provides fair hearings and fraud investigations.

OJT – On-The-Job Training. A work activity in which an individual is employed by a public or private employer and while engaged in productive work, he/she receives training that provides the knowledge or skills essential to full and satisfactory job performance.

OLDC – On-Line Data Collection system is a convenient electronic method for submitting grant forms to HHS. Grant partners can use the Internet to manage grant information through OLDC.

OMAP – Operation Management Analyst Principal

OMB – Office of Management and Budgets

OMEP-USNC – USNC Organisation Mondiale pour l’ Education Préscolaire (World Organization for Early Childhood Education) – United States National Committee

OP – Overpayment: Benefits received in excess of entitlement and the product of validating and releasing benefit errors.

OPLAN – Operation Plan

OPM – Office of Personnel Management

OPSCR – Office of Personal Service Contract Review

OPTFM – Office of Purchasing, Travel, and Fleet Management

OSA – Mississippi Office of State Auditor

OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSP – Office of State Surplus Property

OTC – Over the Counter: By ordinary retail purchase, with no need for a prescription or license.

OTR – Off the Record

OTS – Oakley Training School

OVCA – Overpayment/Claims Authorization

OVCB – Delinquent/Claims Processing

OVN 1-4 – Claims Narrative screen in MAVERICS listing the claim type, reason for claim, pertinent dates, and justification for benefit recovery.

OYDC – Oakley Youth Development Center – The states juvenile institution operated by the Mississippi Department of Human Services, Division of Youth Services

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PA – Public Assistance. Cash assistance, such as TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families).

PAGE – Performance and Accountability for Grants in Energy is a system that is used to prepare Department of Energy applications and allows recipients to upload reports for formula grants.

PAY – Payment Menu in Statewide Payroll and Human Resource System (SPAHRS).

PCA – Personal Care Attendant

P-Card – Procurement card

PCP – Primary Care Provider

PDAD – Position Default Account Distribution: A screen in Statewide Payroll and Human Resource System (SPAHRS) that displays the coding stream for each PPIN.

PDD – Planning and Development District

PDTL – Pay Detail in Statewide Payroll and Human Resource System (SPAHRS)

PEBT – Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer. PEBT benefits are designated to SNAP and non-SNAP households for children that temporarily lost access to free or reduced-price school meals during a pandemic.

PER – Payment Error Rate

PERS – The Public Employees’ Retirement System of Mississippi (PERS) serves the state of Mississippi by providing retirement benefits for individuals working in state government, public schools, universities, community colleges, municipalities, counties, the Legislature, highway patrol, and other such public entities.

PF – Putative Father. The person alleged to be the father of the child but who has not yet been medically or legally declared to be the legal father.

PHI – Protected Health Information

PI – Primary Individual. The individual whose name the TANF case is in or the adult member selected by the household to make the SNAP application also referred to as the Head of Household.

PI – Program Integrity

PID – NOVATime ID or Last 6 digits of ACE ID.

PIF – Procurement Information Form forms utilized by Procurement Services Contract Unit (PSCU) that programmatic divisions submit to request a service or continuation of a service.

PII – Personal Identifying Information

PIN – Position Identification Number for each employee.

PIP – Provider Integrated Portal as it relates to OIG

PIP – Performance Improvement Program

PIQ – Policy Interpretation Question. An official reply from the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement to an inquiry submitted by a state or tribal child support agency concerning application of policy. Although questions often arise from a specific practice or situation, the responses are official statements of OCSE policy on the issue.

PM – Program Manager as it relates to the Division of Economic Assistance Eligibility

PM – Project Manager as it relates to the Division of MIS

PMI – Performance Measurement Indicator

PMO – Project Management Office

PMS – Payment Management System is a computer-based system for federal grant recipient fund requests operated by the Division of Payment Management of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It allows Health and Human Services (HHS) and non-HHS Grantors manage grant payment requests, drawdowns, and disbursement reporting activities.

PO – Purchase Order- used to control the purchasing of products and services from external suppliers

POA – Power of Attorney

POC – Point of Contact

POS – Point of service means at the point in which the student has received a complete reimbursable meal.

POV – Personally owned Vehicle

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

PPIN – Personal Identification Number: A table in an online portal that contains all of the accounting attributes relative to a particular agency personnel position.

PPN – A Program Procurement Number is a unique identifying number generated by SmartSheet upon submission of a Procurement Information Form (PIF) for tracking purposes

PPRB – Public Procurement Review Board is a board that is responsible for promulgating rules and regulations to ensure that quality contracts are procured at reasonable prices, with terms that are favorable to the State, with limited risk of liability. Mississippi Code § 27-104-7.

PRA – A Performance Review Assessment is a system used to rate employees on their jobs duties and performances.

PRHM-ISS – Perinatal High-Risk Management/Infant Services System

PRS – Performance Review System – assessment tool used to rate overall employee job performance. It includes an Open Review period, Mid-Point Review, & Close Review Period.

PRWORA – Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (Public Law 104-193). Legislation that provides a number of requirements for employers, public licensing agencies, financial institutions, as well as state, tribal and federal child support agencies to assist in locating noncustodial parents and establishing, enforcing, and collecting child support. This legislation created the New Hire Reporting program and the State and Federal Case Registries. Otherwise known as Welfare Reform.

PS – Postal Saver

PSCU – Procurement Services Contract Unit is a unit within the Division of Procurement Services that procures services, leases and handles legal services contracts.

PSE – Post-Secondary Education is a program that is offered by an institution of higher learning.

PSLF – Public Service Loan Forgiveness is a federal program to forgive the remaining balance on Direct Loans after the employee has made 120 qualifying monthly payments under a qualifying repayment plan while working full-time for a qualifying employer.

PTIG – Part Time Instructional Grant

PU – Policy Unit.

PY – Program Year

PYOC – Payroll Online Calculations

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Q.H.S. – At Bedtime: An evening only medication pass that usually coincides with the facility’s scheduled medication pass prior to bedtime.

QC – Quality Control is a system for measuring the accuracy of state eligibility and benefit determinations.

QCI – Quality Control Inspector

QMB – Qualified Medicare Beneficiary

QMCSO – Qualified Medical Child Support Order is an order, decree, or judgment, including approval of a settlement agreement, issued by a court or administrative agency of competent jurisdiction that provides for medical support for a child of a participant under a group health plan. A QMCSO must contain specific information to meet the requirements of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), which allows a plan administrator to enroll a child in the parent’s health plan. A properly completed National Medical Support Notice (NMSN) is a QMSCO.

QMHP – Qualified Mental Health Professional – Mental health provider licensed and sufficiently trained to provide the necessary mental health services.

QR – Quote Request is a solicitation inviting quotes from vendors who believe they can provide products/services to satisfy an agency’s needs.

QWD – Quarterly Wage Data is Data on all employees that must be submitted by employers on a quarterly basis to the State Workforce Agency in the state in which they operate. The data is then submitted to the National Directory of New Hires (NDNH). Minimum information must include the employee’s name, address, Social Security number, wage amount, and the reporting period, and the employer’s name, address, and Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). The data are then compared against child support order information contained in the Federal Case Registry (FCR) for possible enforcement of child support obligations by wage garnishment. Federal agencies report the data directly to the NDNH.

QWMD – Quarterly Wage Match Data in MAVERICS showing the quarterly wages reported through file interfaces with Mississippi Department of Employment Security.

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R&R – Resource and Referral

RC – Reported change in child care – Agency caused overpayment

RD – Regional Director: An employee of the Mississippi Department of Human Services, Division of Youth Services, who supervises a Youth Services region and all the Youth Services staff therein.

RE – A document type in MAGIC that reflects Logistics Vendor Invoice with a PO or Contract: Invoice that has a Purchase order or Contract associated with it as it relates to Accounts Payable

RE – Unreported resources – household caused overpayment as it relates to OIG

REHI – Recoupment History in MAVERICS

RETP – Retirement

RFA – Request for Applications is a solicitation inviting applications from vendors who believe they can satisfy an agency’s need.

RFI – Request for Information is a formal request distributed to potential bidders and/or professional experts for information regarding a specific system, program, process or service.

RFP – A Request for Proposal is a solicitation inviting proposals from vendors who believe they can provide products/services to satisfy an agency’s needs.

RFQ – Request for Qualifications is a solicitation inviting statement of qualifications from vendors who believe they can provide services to satisfy an agency’s needs.

RH – Reported change in household size – Agency caused overpayment

RI – Reported information disregarded – Agency caused overpayment

RIB – Replacement Identification Badge

RMS – Random Moment Sample: This automated system is used to determine where Eligibility Workers, Case Managers, and clerical staff are spending their time during each quarter.

ROI – Report of Investigation is a detailed report of findings during the course of an investigation to include violations, evidence exhibits, and collected statements.


RPTG – Reporting Category are codes used to group expenditures and revenues of a grant. These codes are maintained in tables in MAGIC and they are year-specific, meaning they must be changed each fiscal year to keep the grant accounting separate.

RR – Reported resources – Agency caused overpayment

RS – Reported change in shelter – Agency caused overpayment

RSA Token – Rivest-Shamir-Adleman- token used to gain access to the Treasury Offset website.

RSDI – Retirement, Survivor’s, and Disability Insurance

RSVP – Retired Senior Volunteer Program

RT RP EI – Look-Up Time Cards in SPAHRS

RTM – Requirement Traceability Matrix

RURESA – Enforcement of Support Act

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S2W – Skills2Work, Mississippi’s E&T Third-Party Partnership Program

SA – State Agency

SaaS – Software as a Service

SAL – Salvation Army

SAM – Student Administrator Manager-product allows school districts to manage most every aspect of their daily routine including Enrollment, Attendance, Grading, Scheduling, Discipline, Special Education, State Reporting, Calendars, Dashboards, a Parent Portal, a Student Portal, iOS apps, and even optional modules – Online Student Registration, Call Notification System, and a Data Integrator tool.

SASSI – Substance Abuse Screening Survey Inventory

SAVE – Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements is a service that helps determine the immigration status of benefit applicants and their eligibility for SNAP benefits.

SAVRY – Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth- The SAVRY is a validated risk/needs assessment tool adopted by the Mississippi Department of Human Services, Division of Youth Services. The SAVRY is an evidence-based assessment designed to assist professionals in making judgments about a youth’s risk for future general re-offending and violence and to identify a youth’s needs in order to inform case planning.

SCP – Senior Companion Program

SCR – State Case Registry of Child Support Orders is a database maintained by each state that contains information on individuals in child support cases. Information submitted to the SCR is transmitted to the Federal Case Registry (FCR), where it is compared to cases submitted to the FCR by other states, as well as to employment data in the National Directory of New Hires (NDNH). Matches found are returned to the appropriate states for processing.

SCSEP – Senior Community Service Employment Program

SDA – State Distributing Agencies

SDNH – The State Directory of New Hires is a database maintained by each state that contains information about individuals submitted by their employer within 20 days of hire. The data are transmitted to the NDNH, where they are compared to the employment data from other states as well as child support data in the Federal Case Registry. Matches found are returned to the appropriate states for processing.

SDU – State Disbursement Unit is the single site in most states where all child support payments are sent for processing.

SDX – State Data Exchange- Verifies Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

SE – State Employee

SEOO – Setup Over or Underpayment Menu in MAVERICS giving all functions to create, review, and modify a claim.

SEOO – Search Engine Optimization

SEPE – Separated Employees screen in SPAHRS

SERO – Southeast Regional Office of the Food and Nutrition Service.

SERT – State Early Response Team

SESA – State Employment Security Agency, now known as State Workforce Agency.

SFY – State Fiscal Year: Time period from July 1 – June 30

SG – Subgrant or Subgrantee – Entity that has received Federal funds thru MDHS to administer a certain scope of Services not provided by MDHS

SH – Unreported shelter expenses – household caused overpayment

SHIP – State Health Insurance Assistance Program-Provides free in-depth unbiased one-on-one counseling to Medicare beneficiaries about Medicare parts A, B, C, and D

SI – Safety Inspection

SID – Systems Integration & Development

SIPV – Suspected Intentional Program Violation is the status of an overpayment during the investigation and before IPV is established.

SIR – Serious Incident Report is a form to be completed by an employee and signed by their supervisor, documenting the serious incident that has occurred.

SIT – Self-Initiated Training/Education. Training in vocational or technical fields which provide skills in a self-initiated client’s current area of interest.

SJS – Supervised Job Search

SLA – Service Level Agreement

SLDS – State Longitudinal Data System

SMI – The State Median Income is the median income of all Mississippi employees.

SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program; formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, SNAP is designed to help low income households obtain a more nutritious diet by supplementing the funds they have to spend on food. State agencies operate SNAP pursuant national eligibility and benefit standards set by Federal law and regulations.

SNAP E&T – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education & Training

SNAP ME – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Management Evaluation

SNAP-ED – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education

SNAP-QCS – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – Quality Control

SOP – Standard of Promptness is the time limit allowed for a disposition of an overpayment.

SOP – Standard Operating Procedures are a set of instructions or steps for handling routine operations.

SOW – Statement of Work – It is the narrative description of a project’s work requirement. It defines project-specific activities, deliverables and timelines for a vendor providing services to the client.

SP – Safety Procedure

SPAHRS – Statewide Payroll and Human Resource System is an integrated, mainframe-based, centrally controlled enterprise payroll and human resource system. The system provides uniformity in the application of federal and state regulations and policies.

SPED – Special Education: provides students with identified disabilities specialized instruction designed to meet their unique learning needs, giving them the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.

SPLS – State Parent Locator Service is a service provided by the state child support agencies to locate parents in order to establish and enforce child support obligations, visitation, and custody orders or to establish paternity. This information is accessible to tribes through agreement made with a state.

SPO – Special Projects Officer

SQCR – State Quality Control Reviewer

SQL – Structured Query Language- used to communicate with a database

SR – Safety Review

SRAE – Sexual Risk Avoidance Education

SRAE PAS – Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Performance Analysis Study

SRO – School Resource Officer: A law enforcement officer, typically a police officer or sheriff’s deputy, specifically assigned to work at a school or a series of schools.

SS2B – Browse Employee by SSN within an Agency in SPAHRS

SSA – Social Security Act

SSA – Social Security Administration

SSAGR – Social Security Admin

SSBG – Social Services Block Grant

SSDI – Social Security Disability Insurance

SSI – Social Security Supplement Income

SSI – Supplemental Security Income. A federal money payment paid to an individual who is aged, blind or disabled to insure that the individual has sufficient income to meet his/her basic maintenance.

SSDI – Supplemental Security Disability Income is a monthly payment to a person for having a medically proven physical or mental condition that causes marked and severe functional limitations that are expected to last at least twelve (12) months in duration .

SSN – Social Security Number

SSO – Single Sign On – is an authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID and password to any of several related, yet independent, software systems.

STAX – Maintain State Tax

STD(s) – Sexually Transmitted Disease(s): Infections that are passed from one person to another through sexual contact.

STDOE – Student Loan, 1st Garnishment screen in SPAHRS

STI(s) – Sexually Transmitted Infection(s) an infection transmitted through sexual contact, caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites.

STRATCOM – Strategic Communications

SUA – State Unit on Aging

SUA – Standard Utility Allowance is a standard deduction for allowed households who incur out-of-pocket cooling or primary heating expenses separate and apart from rent, mortgage, or receive LIHEAP for its current residence.

SUPP – Regular Payroll Preliminary screen in SPAHRS

SVES – State Verification Exchange System. An online query with the Social Security Administration to verify: 1) the forty qualifying work quarters 2) Social Security Numbers 3) Black Lung payments 4) Social Security Income and 5) Citizenship.

SW – Social Worker

SWA – State Workforce Agency. Agencies in each state that process unemployment insurance claims and maintain databases of employment information and quarterly wage data submitted by employers. Formerly called State Employment Security Agencies (SESAs).

SWCAP – Statewide Cost Allocation Payment: A charge to each agency to pay for various state wide fixed costs. The agency receives an invoice for this service annually. The invoice is allocated per procedures below and direct-charged to each benefiting division.

SWIB – State Workforce Investment Board

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TAA – Target Audience Analysis

TABE – Test of Adult Basic Education: A diagnostic test used to determine a person’s skill levels and aptitudes. Many companies use it in hiring, promotions, or for selecting employees for training programs for skilled positions. The TABE test is also used by public service agencies who are guiding people into adult education programs, such as getting a high school equivalency (HSE), going to trade school, etc.

TANF – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families is a fixed block grant that provides time-limited assistance and requires those who receive it to work in exchange for benefits. There are two types of TANF cases: TANF Basic cases (either a single caretaker relative or two parents when one receives SSI or deprivation based on incapacity) or TANF-UP cases (where both parent are able-bodied).

TANF-UP – TANF-Unemployed Parent. A two-parent family case for purposes of the TANF Work Program participation requirements. A TANF-UP case is one in which both parents are able-bodied. If either parent claims an exemption because of incapacity, the case is handled as a TANF Basic case.

TB – Tuberculosis: An infectious disease caused by the Mycobacterium Tuberculosis bacteria.

TCC – Transitional Child Care. For families that lose benefit eligibility, childcare services may continue under TCC for up to 24 months.

TCSE – Tribal Child Support Enforcement

TDAD – Default Distribution screen in SPAHRS

TEFAP – The Emergency Food Assistance Program

Title VII – Older American Act-Elder Rights Section 9 Ombudsman, Legal Assistance and Elder Abuse Protection

Title XX – Social Services Block Grant (SSBG)

TOP – Treasury Offset Program is a Federal computer program used to assist in recovery of delinquent debts through federal benefits, including but not limited to tax refunds, federal salaries, and retirement.

TOS – Trip Optimizer System

TPL – Third Party Liability

TR – Trafficking of benefits/other benefit misuse – household caused overpayment

TRC – Total Rental Cost

TRN – Transitional Service

TS – Transportation Stipend. A payment for transportation, up to $300.00 per month that is available to TWP and TT participants in areas that do not have a transit system or if the bus pass is not a reasonable method of transportation.

TST – Teacher Support Team

TT – Transitional Transportation. Households that lose benefit eligibility may qualify for transitional transportation for up to 18 additional months.

TWP – TANF Work Program assists TANF clients to become self-sufficient by providing needed employment related activities and supportive services. Participation in this program is mandatory for persons who receive TANF and are not exempt.

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UAT – User Acceptance Testing is the process when actual users test the software to see if it is able to carry out the required tasks it was designed to address in real-world situations.

UDC – Undistributed Collections are Child support payments that have been collected by child support agencies but have not yet been sent to custodial parents or other government agencies or returned to noncustodial parents.

UI – Unemployment Insurance

UIFSA – Uniform Interstate Family Support Act is the process by which child support cases are handled between states (replaced URESA). It is a Law enacted by all states that provides mechanisms for establishing and enforcing child support obligations in interstate cases (when a noncustodial parent lives in a different state from the child and the custodial party). Among the law’s provisions is ability of state child support agencies to send withholding orders to employers across state lines. (UIFSA does not apply to tribes.)

UN – Unreported unearned income – household caused overpayment

UNITY – Uniform Nationwide Interstate Tracking for Youth: A web-based system operated by the Interstate Commission for Juveniles that facilitates the supervising, transferring, accepting, tracking, and returning of juveniles from one state to another. This system is expected to go live May 2021 and replace the Juvenile Interstate Data System (JIDS).

UNS – Unsubsidized Employment. Earned income for which the State does not furnish aid or support to the employer for wages paid to the TWP participant. UNS is considered a countable work activity in the participation rate calculation.

UP – Underpayment: Additional benefits owed to the customer to meet actual entitlement.

UPA – Uniform Parentage Act

UPS – United Postal Services

UPV – Unintentional Program Violation is an improper payment made on behalf of a parent/guardian to a child care provider, due to a misunderstanding of policy or an unintended error on the part of the parent or child care provider.

UR – Unreported earned income – household caused overpayment

URA – Unreimbursed Public Assistance is the cumulative amount of assistance money paid to the family for all months, which has not been repaid by assigned child support payments collected.

URESA – Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act

USCIS – U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. It is responsible for the administration of immigration and naturalization adjudication functions and establishing immigration services policies and priorities. It was formerly known as the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service).

USDA – United States Department of Agriculture

USPS – United States Postal Service

UTI – Urinary Tract Infection

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VA – Veterans Administration

VIN – Vehicle Identification Number

VISTA – Volunteers in Service to America. Provides full-time volunteers to nonprofit community organizations and public agencies to create and expand programs ultimately bringing individuals and communities out of poverty. Vista Volunteers are no longer exempt from TANF Work Program requirements.

VOAD – Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster

VQ – Voluntary Quit – household caused overpayment

VR – Virtual Roma is a data collection and client tracking system for the Division of Community Services. This system processes applications for Weatherization, LIHEAP, and Community Services Block Grants.

VRU – Voice Response Unit. It is the EBT customer service. It may be used for EBT card activation, replacement and deactivation.

VUA – Vehicle Use Agreement

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WAP – Weatherization Assistance Program provides assistance to low-income households to correct problems of air infiltration in order to provide a healthier dwelling environment and to conserve energy. Priority is given to elderly and disabled households.

WBA – Weekly Benefit Amount: depends on variables that are defined by state unemployment law. Eligible workers may receive unemployment benefit payments every week.

WCSCM – Web Base Supply Chain Management System. It is an integrated, internet-based commodity acquisition, distribution, and tracking system.

WD – Withdraw/Withdrawn: A hearing decision for when a Client no longer wants a hearing.

WFO – Weather Forecast Office

WIC – Women, Infants, and Children’s Nutrition Program administered by the Mississippi Department of Health

WIN – Workforce Investment Network

WIOA – Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014. It is a federally funded program which replaced the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA). It is designed to help job candidates access employment, education, training and support services to succeed in the labor market and to match employers with the skilled workers they need to compete in the global economy. The WIOA partner agencies provide a wide variety of programs and resources to the Mississippi community. In MS, TANF is a core partner and SNAP is a strategic partner in the WIOA.

WM – Waste Management

WR – Work Registration

WRAT – Wide Range Achievement Test: A brief achievement test measuring reading recognition, spelling, and arithmetic computation.

WSP – Workplace Safety Procedure

WWA – Watch, Warning & Advisory

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XY – A document type in MAGIC that reflects Prior Year Expense that are past expense and that is not of a current expense.

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YMF – Youth Master File is the complete and official commitment record maintained or each youth that documents his/her treatment, correspondence, and all court papers addressing legal commitment, which includes the case file, the medical record, and the educational file which taken together constitute the master file.

YP – A document type in MAGIC that reflects Inter-Agency Non-Budgeted Payment of a XY Billing Document: Payments that are made between agencies.

YS – Youth Services

YSC – Youth Services Counselor assigned to manage and monitor daily operations of a community-based probation and parole program and the youth assigned to that program.

YT – A document type in MAGIC that reflects Inter-Agency Non-Budgeted Payment of an YX Billing Document: Payment that are made between agencies.

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