Public Records

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Learn how to access public records managed by MDHS.

MDHS is committed to the accurate sharing of non-exempt public records, in accordance with agency policies.

The General Counsel of MDHS has oversight of the Public Records Division.

All records and portions of records, not exempt from disclosure, will be made available in accordance with the procedures outlined in the agency’s policy adopted in compliance with –

  • Mississippi Public Records Act of 1983, Miss. Code Ann. §25-61-1 thru 25-61-19;
  • Mississippi Ethics Commission’s Model for Public Records Rules; and
  • Title 18, Part 22, Chapter 1 of the Mississippi Administrative Code.

Any person wishing to request access to the public records of MDHS or seeking assistance in making such a request, should contact the Public Records Officer.

Moreover, all requests to examine, copy, or obtain public records, not found on the MDHS website, should be in writing and submitted via mail, fax, or e-mail. The request should provide as much detail as possible about the records requested; including the preferred format (paper copy, flash drive, electronic or inspection) and must include the name, address, and contact information (email address and phone number) of the requestor.

Requests can be sent to any of the following:


Public Records Division
Mississippi Department of Human Services
Post Office Box 352
Jackson, MS 39205-0352

Fax: 601.359.4477


Officer: Ashleigh Quinn

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any person(s) wanting to gain access to public records should fill out a request form (available above) and submit it via email, fax, in person to MDHS, or mail to MDHS Public Records Division.

If you are requesting your own records, a notarized form must be submitted in order to verify your identity and protect the privacy of your personal information.

All records from Oakley Youth Development Center require an order from the Youth Court specifying to whom the records will be released, the extent of the records which may be released, and the purpose of the disclosure. If you need these records, contact the Youth Court Administrator in the county in which the records originated.

Any third party looking to gain records of an individual(s) who is a current or former employee of MDHS or is a current or former client of MDHS must submit an Authorization to Release Records which has been signed by the individual whose records you are seeking and notarized.

Persons seeking records from Mississippi Department of Child Protective Services should contact MDCPS directly. MDHS no longer maintains any Child Protective Service records.

For Public Records contact Lea Brandon at 601-359-4364 or

For Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry call 601-359-4487, 601-359-4538, 601-359-4198, or email

For other State Public Child Welfare Agencies requesting a historical records search email or fill out a form online at

The Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) handles requests for verification of payments or copies of court orders. You can reach customer service at 877.882.4916.