Caring for an Older Adult

Illustration of young man pushing a wheelchair with an older woman sitting inside

Helping you and your family maintain independence.

Programs in Mississippi can support you and your family in caring for an older adult.

Food Assistance

Older Mississippians can get help purchasing groceries, request food boxes, and find out about local home delivered or community / congregate meal options.

Stretching Your Income

MDHS has programs that can help you pay power bills, afford your mortgage payment, or even weatherize your home to reduce your bills over time. Some of these programs prioritize serving older Mississippians.

Help Living Independently

Services and programs that can help you continue to live on your own in the community, like transportation assistance and homemaker services.

Protecting Your Rights

Older Mississippians have rights and deserve to be protected. Services like Adult Protective Services and the Long-Term Care Ombudsman are there to help protect Older Mississippians’ rights.

Your first step in finding ways to help yourself or an older Mississippian in your care is to find and contact your local agency on aging:

Area Agencies on Aging

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    Area Agencies on Aging