SNAP Quality Control Reviews

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Randomly selected SNAP cases for review.

Each month a random sample of Mississippi’s SNAP cases are selected for review by the SNAP Quality Control team.

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The Division of SNAP Quality Control performs reviews for households receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. The Division is responsible for reviewing SNAP cases to ensure that the agency follows all rules and regulations of the SNAP program when determining eligibility for applicants and/or recipients in the state.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food & Nutrition Services (FNS) and the State want to ensure that recipients are receiving the correct amount of assistance. FNS requires the SNAP Quality Control (QC) Division to randomly select SNAP cases for review.

When a case is selected for a quality control review, a member of the SNAP QC team reviews the case, including caseworker actions, case documentation, and any documentation submitted by the client. Then, the SNAP QC team conducts an interview with the client and follows up as necessary with other agencies or organizations to verify information. Then, the SNAP QC team determines if the case was worked properly or if there were errors that need to be corrected.

Finally, the SNAP QC division reports its findings back to the Division of Economic Assistance and FNS.

Client FAQs about SNAP Quality Control Reviews

SNAP Quality Control is a process for reviewing SNAP cases.  We want you to know your case is not being reviewed because you did anything wrong, or because there is a problem.  It is required by federal law for all states.

SNAP Quality Control Reviews are done to ensure that:

  • The SNAP Program is being run according to law;
  • Your household is receiving the right amount of SNAP benefits;
  • Your county office processed your case correctly; and
  • Your case file is correct.

The reviews are completed by a specialized team working independently from the county offices caseworkers. This team is separate from your county office staff.

You were not chosen for Quality Control because you did anything wrong. SNAP cases are randomly chosen for a Quality Control review.

If your case was chosen for a Quality Control review, you must cooperate with the review.

If you do not give SNAP QC the information requested and/or refuse to cooperate with a Quality Control review, your SNAP case will be closed, and you will not be eligible for benefits until you complete the review.

The following are the main steps in the quality control review process:

  1. A quality control reviewer will be assigned to do the review of your case.
  2. The reviewer will review your case file to see what actions were taken by the county office.
  3. After the reviewer reviews your case file, he or she will call send you an appointment for an in-person or telephone interview.Note: If you fail to keep the first appointment, a second appointment will be sent to you.
  4. As part of the interview, you will be asked to sign a written release of information form. This form gives the reviewer permission to contact other sources (such as banks, landlords, or employers) to verify the information you gave for your SNAP enrollment. These sources may be asked to give information, such as bank statements and proof of employment.

The interview is like the interviews completed with the caseworkers at the county office. The difference is, we look at a past month and the entire certification period. Quality Control does look at what is happening at the time of the Quality Control interview.

You will need to give the Quality Control reviewers current documentation about your income, expenses and who is living in your home. The specific documentation needed may vary depending on your situation, but could include items such as paystubs, a rental agreement and utility bills. This documentation may be the same as what you gave your county office/case worker during the application process, or it may be more current.

Federal quality control reviewers from the Food and Nutrition Service will re-review some of the cases submitted to them by the state. If your case is randomly selected and you are contacted by a federal reviewer, you are required to cooperate with the federal reviewer.

You will be contacted by a Quality Control Reviewer by phone, text, email and/or regular mail using the information on file at your county office.

If you have been contacted by Quality Control for a review, and have any questions about the process, you may contact SNAP Quality Control at 601-576-1060.  Your call will be answered by an individual within the Division of SNAP Quality Control.  

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