Division of Workforce Development & Partnership Management

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Strengthening Mississippi’s workforce.

We connect Mississippians with the support they need to build their skills, participate in the workforce, and strengthen their families.

What We Do

The Division of Workforce Development and Partnership Management engages community partners to improve workforce participation across the state and connect job seekers to the resources they need for success.

The division also works with partners throughout the state to support the development of the state’s future workforce by providing funding to after school programs and initiatives that help parents develop their parenting skills.


Mississippi’s SNAP Employment & Training program, Skills2Work, connects Mississippi SNAP recipients who want to build their career skills to organizations that provide education, training, and support services. The program also connects organizations that serve low-income clients through education, training, and support services with funding so they can strengthen and grow their services.

TANF Work Program (TWP)

The goal of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Work Program (TWP) is to move Mississippians to self-sufficiency by preparing them for a job, helping with job readiness training, job skills training, vocational training, and other educational training programs. Applicants for TANF are referred to the TANF Work Program to help them find or keep a job.

Workforce Training and Education Programs

Partner agencies receive funding through MDHS to provide workforce training and education programs that help stabilize families by providing opportunities for program participants to engage in adult education, career and technical education, and workforce training.

Afterschool and Parenthood Initiatives

Community partners throughout the state provide afterschool and summer programing to children to support their safety, learning, and growth. Parenthood initiatives focus on improving family stability and functioning by training, educating, encouraging, and assisting parents in developing the skills and tools they need to understand and take responsibility for the needs of their children.

Reports, Plans, & Documents

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