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Connecting Mississippi SNAP recipients to education, training, and support services.

Skills2Work helps families build their skills to level up their careers.

Skills2Work Basics

The Skills2Work program engages a network of partner organizations to help SNAP recipients gain skills and find work that moves them forward to self-sufficiency.

Skills2Work participants have access to training and support to help them enter or move up in the workforce. These programs also help to reduce barriers to work by providing support services like transportation and childcare as participants prepare for and gain employment.

Skills2Work for SNAP Recipients

Who Qualifies for Skills2Work?

Someone who typically qualifies for Skills2Work:

  • Receives SNAP benefits in Mississippi
  • Is between the ages of 18-59
  • Is required to register for work through Mississippi Works
  • Does not receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) payments.

What can Skills2Work offer me?

  • A support specialist who will help you make a plan, stay on track, and move past challenges.
  • Help figuring out your career interests, strengths, and opportunities for growth
  • Training on how to look for and succeed in getting a job you want
  • Training for hands-on careers like welding, nursing, cosmetology, and more.
  • Workforce skills training
  • Help paying for transportation, child care, and supplies, books, or equipment you need for your training or your new job
  • Work experience
  • Classes to help you get a high school degree or equivalency
  • A monthly support stipend of $80

What will I need to do to stay in the Skills2Work program?

  • Check in with your support specialist on a regular basis.
  • Complete the work or training activities that are part of your plan.
  • Reach out to your support specialist when you need help.
  • Stay in compliance with SNAP rules and requirements.

If you take college classes through Skills2Work, you will also need to:

  • Complete the application and enrollment process at your school. (We can help!)
  • Share your class schedule and grades with your support specialist.

How can I join Skills2Work?

First, talk with your SNAP caseworker about whether you qualify for Skills2Work. Then, complete an application and return it to your SNAP caseworker.

Skills2Work Partner Network

The Skills2Work Partner Network:

  • Connects Mississippi SNAP recipients who want to build their career skills to organizations that provide education, training, and support services.


  • Connects organizations that serve low-income clients through education, training, and support services with funding so they can strengthen and grow their services.