TANF Work Program (TWP)

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Support to help you find or keep a job.

The TANF Work Program (TWP) is designed to help TANF recipients prepare for and find a job so that they can provide for their family.

Basics of TWP

The TANF Work Program (TWP) serves clients who are receiving TANF cash assistance. Once a TANF recipient has been referred to the TANF Work Program, a case worker will meet with the client to assess their work readiness and develop a success plan that lays out the work activities and types of services the client needs to get ready for work and find employment.

Based on the individual’s needs, the TWP participant may be required to participate in one or more of the following work activities:

  • Employment
  • Work Experience
  • Community Service
  • High School or GED classes
  • Vocational Education
  • Job Readiness/Job Search
  • Job Skills Training
  • Education Directly Related to Employment

Supportive services available to TWP participants may include:

  • A monthly transportation stipend to help with the cost of getting to work.
  • Assistance paying for child care through the Child Care Payment Program (available to all TANF participants with children in need of child care)
  • Work-related expenses like uniforms, equipment, or tools, if eligible.

Questions or Support

If you are a TANF recipient participating in the TANF Work Program and you have questions about your enrollment in TANF or the TANF Work Program, your case worker at your MDHS County Office can help.

Find your local MDHS County Office below.

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