Meet Our Team

Kenyada Blake, Director of Aging & Adult Services

Tina Ruffin, Director of Community Services

Denise Wesley, Director of Child Support

Chad Allgood, Director of Early Childhood Care and Development

Kristi Kinnel, Division Director, Division of Economic Assistance

Beau Bettiga, Staff Attorney, OIG

Debra Dixon, Chief Financial Officer

Lora Tatum, Director of Workforce Development

Brett Robinson, Audit Supervisor

Cynthia Edwards, Director of SNAP QC

Amber Fulton, Director Of Admin Services

Denise Cooper, Director of Programmatic QC

Debresha Blaylock, Director of Claims & Benefit Recovery

Fredrick Ward, Safety and Emergency Services

Laketha Gilmore, Director of Monitoring

Mark Jones,Chief Communications Officer

Mark Allen, Chief Information Officer

Samuel Cole, Chief Procurement Officer

Toni Kersh, Deputy Administrator of Youth Services

Leslie Philipp, Human Resources Manager