Investigations Division

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Detecting, preventing, and deterring fraud, waste, and abuse.

Quick Help

The MDHS OIG Investigations Division conducts in-depth investigations of all MDHS cases involving suspected fraud, misuse, and/or abuse to protect the integrity of public benefit programs.

Report Fraud

Suspected fraud can be reported to MDHS online any time by submitting the MDHS Fraud Tip Form, calling the Fraud Tip Line at 1-(800)-299-6905, or emailing

The Investigations Division reviews and investigates allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse concerning the following programs:

The division also investigates accusations of fraud, waste, or abuse by MDHS employees that may or may not be related to a specific program listed above.

Notice charges on your EBT card that you don’t recognize?

It could be theft due to skimming, card cloning or other similar types of fraud.

Report stolen SNAP benefits to MDHS.

Benefit Trafficking

SNAP benefits can only be used by eligible households to purchase approved food items. MDHS OIG investigates retailers and individuals suspected of engaging in illegal benefit trafficking.

Trafficking examples include:

  1. Buying or selling or attempting to buy or sell benefits for cash or exchanging benefits for anything other than eligible food items;
  2. Using SNAP benefits to purchase food products, then reselling the food to obtain cash; or
  3. Exchanging benefits for firearms, ammunition, explosives, or controlled substances.

If you know about a retailer that purchases SNAP benefits or engages in other forms of benefit trafficking or you know about someone selling SNAP benefits, please report that information to MDHS.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few days, but only if requested.

Only if the investigator needs additional or clarifying information.

No, once an investigation opens it becomes a concern of the office.

Yes, and yes! Tipster identities are protected information.

No, this information is confidential.

This information is confidential.